The league’s color scheme is red and white. The Midland Combination was the first to use this scheme, and the name stuck.

The Midland Football League was formerly called the Midland Football Combination. It covered a region that covered the West Midlands. It consisted of five divisions, and was one of the three official feeder leagues for the Midland Football Alliance. Prior to the National League System, the Premier Division was graded as step 7 and fed into the step five Midland Football Alliance. After the league was regraded in 2006, the Premier Division was graded as step six and qualified for the FA Vase. The league also had feeder leagues at levels 11 and 12, including the Birmingham and District Football League.


If you’re interested in Midland Football League history, read on. From 1889 to 1982, the Midland League was one of the most competitive football leagues in the country. It was made up of 28 teams that were elected to play in the second tier of the Football League. After its dissolution in 1982, the league only had two further levels – level two and level three – and only promoted to level one once. In 1894-95, Burton United and Rotherham United merged to form Mansfield Town FC. From 1901-02 to 1925-26, Burton United and Rotherham United were amalgamated to become Mansfield Town FC.

In the first season of its existence, the Midland Football Alliance was formed, with Swindon Town competing as a Premier Division side. The team had a great start and finished strongly, reaching the fourth qualifying round of the F.A. Cup. This year, they beat the League champions, but fell short of winning the league title. Nonetheless, they will always be remembered for their efforts. So, if you want to learn more about Midland Football League history, read this!

The Premier Division is the top tier of the Midland Football League, and is currently the 11th tier of the English football league system. It is sponsored by Buckingham Insurance and was previously known as the Central Midlands League. The league was known as the Midland Football League until 1986. The Midland Football League also had two FA Vase winners. A representative side of the CML plays in the FA NLS Cup each year. The league’s history has been marked by numerous high-profile players.

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Midland Football League Divisions

The Premiere Division One of the Midland Football League are just a few of the leagues within the Midland Combination. You may be interested in learning more about them. Here are some helpful facts to help you decide which is right for you. These divisions are not a substitute for the Premiere or Division One. If you’re in the middle of your search, these leagues are probably the best options. You can browse their history to see how they compare.

Premiere Division

There are several grounds in the Midland Football League, including the Premiere Division. The Premier Division had 19 teams at the end of the 2017-18 season, and there were five new additions. The league was renamed the Midwest Combination in 1968 and expanded to include Division Three in 1979. It was re-expanded again in 1993. The league’s final tables are available from the F.C.H.D. website. Tables for earlier years were compiled from the League History Book. A complete set was also published in Non-League Football Tables 1889-2007 edited by Michael Robinson.

The Premier Division of the Midland Football League will consist of 20 teams during the 2022-23 season. The Premier Division is the ninth in the league’s history and will feature 20 teams. The Premier Division is Step 5 of the English football pyramid, and the 2022-23 season will see the division consist of 20 teams. In recent seasons, two teams have relegated from the Premier Division: Boldmere St. Michaels, who were promoted to the Northern Premier League Division One Midlands, and Hanley Town, who were relegated from Division One. Atherstone Town, which had previously played in Division One, has moved up to the Premier Division after winning promotion.

Division One

The Midland Football League is based in the West Midlands, Derbyshire and Birmingham. The play-offs take place every year, and the final results will decide who gets promoted. On the final day, the winner of the play-off will be promoted from Division One to Division Two, while the loser will remain at the lower level. The top two teams in each division will be decided in 2022. The Baker Joiner Midland Alliance is the second tier of the league.

The Midland Football League is one of the professional leagues in the United Kingdom. The league consists of two divisions: the Premier Division and the Second Division. The Premier Division has 19 teams, and the Second Division has eight. On 21 July, the Football Association announced the allocation of all the clubs, but the first round of transfers was overturned. As such, the Midland Football League will remain a professional football league. During the 2021-22 season, there will be eight teams in the Premier Division.

The new structure will have a more attractive structure. As a result, the Midland Football League will feature more teams in Division One. Steps five and six will be play-offs, and the second place finishers will play either the third or fourth bottom clubs in Step four. The winner will then progress to Step one. So what will be the new Midland Football League like? All you have to do now is look forward to the new season.

Midland Football League Clubs

If you’re looking for a list of the Midland Football League Clubs, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can find the Top Clubs and the Underdogs. Read on to find out which club is the most exciting and why. You can also find out who won the league last season. Whether you’re a fan of the Midlands Premier League or not, you’ll find this list interesting.

Top Clubs

The Midland Football League is a professional football league in England. It is composed of teams from all over the region, including the West Midlands area. The competition is comprised of eight teams, and the top clubs from each of these divisions are listed below. In 1994, the league was formed, with teams from two feeder leagues, the West Midlands (Regional League) and the Leicestershire Senior League. The league’s constitution was ratified at the annual general meeting in 1999.

Birmingham City: The city is home to one of the Midland Football League’s top clubs. The club, which has been playing in the league since 1875, has a long and distinguished history. Originally called Small Heath Alliance, the club renamed itself in 1888 and moved to Birmingham. The city was added to the club’s name in 1943. Birmingham City helped to establish the Second Division in the 1970s and were the first champions in the league’s history.

Harborough Town: The League’s Premier Division is home to some of the region’s top clubs. In 2005, the Midland League Premier Division South was crowned as the UCL Champions Cup champions. Despite the Premier Division’s name change, Harborough Town are still in the Premier Division. The Midland Alliance League is an important part of the English football landscape. In fact, it is the most prestigious division in the United Kingdom.

Clubs Underdog

Underdog stories in the Midland Football League are few and far between. Unlike football, bank CEOs earn more money than underdogs, and Superman keeps making bad movies. And despite our fascination with these stories, there are few underdogs in professional sports. That said, the Midland Football League playoffs do feature plenty of underdogs. Here are some of them. And if you’re wondering if Leicester is one of them, read on.

Honours and Champions

The Midland Football Alliance is an English association football league for semi-professional teams. The league covers the counties of Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, southern Derbyshire, and Leicestershire. The league comprises one division and sits at Step 5 of the National League System. It is the ninth level of the English football league system. The league is governed by a constitution that is subject to ratification at the league’s annual general meeting.

The Midland Football League was founded in 1884 and has been run by the English Association Football Association since then. In 2018, eight teams took part in the league, including the Premier Division. The league’s structure has changed significantly from previous years. There will be play-offs at Steps 5 and 6. The second place finishers of Step 5 will play the third or fourth bottom club of Step 4, and the winner will progress to Step 1.

Cup and Awards

The Midland Football League is an English football league that was formed by merging the Midland Alliance and Midland Combination. It consists of four divisions and sits between levels nine and twelve of the football pyramid. The Midland Football League also has feeder leagues at levels eleven and twelve, which clubs can win to gain promotion. However, if a team is unable to reach this level, they can enter via a non-pyramid league.

Bookmakers Sponsorship

If you are looking for a way to support your favorite team, Midland Football League Bookmakers Sponsorship could be the perfect option for you. These companies are active in non-league football, and have provided money to various clubs throughout the country. These businesses are committed to developing community football programs and enhancing player development. Below are some examples of the clubs that have recently signed partnerships with these companies. To find out more, click on the links.

In 1968, the Northern Premier League was founded, covering most of northern England, as well as the central and northern Midlands. This league has been supporting sports development for over 50 years and is a key sponsor of the Midland Football League. Its multi-year partnership with SportsAid, a leading charity, has helped support the development of more than 50 young sportspeople. As part of the partnership, Entain employees will be able to contribute their knowledge and experience to local clubs.

Midland Football League Season 2021/2022

The Midland Football League (2021/2022) is the eighth season of this competitive regional football league, which will begin in the summer of 2022. It consists of four divisions, with each division ranked nine to twelve. As a result, every team has the potential to win promotion. In addition, each team has the ability to win promotion from its division, although the initial transfer of Congleton Town was overturned on appeal.

Midland Premier Division 21/22 Season results

The 2021/22 season of the Midland Football League is one of the eight in the league’s history. This English football league has two divisions, the Midland Premier Division and the Midland Reserves Division. On 18 May 2021, allocations were announced by the Football Association for this season. Steps 5 and 6 were subject to appeals. As a result, there were 19 clubs in the division. Here are the results of the 2021/22 season.

The league’s top two teams will make the play-offs for promotion to the next level: Step 5 and Step 6. The division winners and the top ten runners-up will join six runners-up in a play-off against the team from Step 4 to move up. The four teams in the bottom division will be relegated, along with four other teams. In addition to the promotion teams, there are a number of other playoff spots available.

Midland Division One 21/22 Season results

The 2021/22 Midland Football League season is the eighth in the history of the league, which is an English football competition. The league is divided into two divisions: Midland Division One and Midland Division Two. The allocations were announced on 18 May 2021 by the Football Association, with the exception of the teams in Steps 5 and 6. As a result, there were 19 clubs in this division. The league’s goal difference was second best in the country, with four teams having more than 50 points.

This season, both teams played 35 games. One of the games was abandoned after 40 minutes, with a score of 0-0. The match was not re-played, but both teams played 35 games this season. A game that was abandoned after forty minutes did not count as a final score, as it ended in a draw. As a result, Leicester Road is placed third in the table. The league table is a list of all the results from this season.

Midland Football League 2022-23 Season

If you’re interested in predicting the winner of the Midland Football League season in 2022-23, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll look at who you should bet on in the 22-23 season, and what English Bookmakers are the best for betting on the Midlands. And don’t worry, we’ll cover how to make your selections at the highest odds.

Forecast Winner on Season 22-23 Midland Football

The winner of the Midland Football League is yet to be decided, but the first team in the forecast is a likely candidate. Founded in 1908, the Midland Football League is an established and highly-regarded soccer league in the Midlands. In addition to the league’s champions, there are teams in the lower divisions, including the prestigious Women’s Professional Football League. The Midland Football League includes teams from all over the United Kingdom, including the mighty Liverpool FC.

In the 2022-23 Midland Football League season, the Premier Division will host the ninth season of competition, making it the oldest division in the league. It has two divisions – the Premier Division and the Midlands Football League, both at Step 5 of the Scottish pyramid. A maximum of 20 teams can compete in the Premier Division, with a play-off between two sides for promotion to the Highland League.

The district 6-1A Division II will feature six teams. The State College Little Lions, a 3-0 team, beat Mifflin County 51-6. The Altoona Lions defeated Shamokin 20-3 and State College defeated Mifflin County 51-6. The State College Little Lions, meanwhile, will play Shamokin on Oct. 14. The final matchup will be held in the Midland High School Stadium on Oct. 14.

Who to bet on season 22-23 Midland Football League?

The latest news in the Midland Football League has been the formation of a Step 5 league in time for next season. The Midland League is set to start in August, following a merger between the Midland Alliance and the Step 6 Midland Combination. The league has already been registered in anticipation of the merger, with a view to improving the position of Midlands football. However, this merger is far from guaranteed.

TOP English Bookmakers to bet on Midland Football

Whether you’re betting on the relegation race or looking for a side to improve this season, there are many things to consider before placing your bet. While there are plenty of strong candidates to replace Burchnall, there are a few who stand out as must-haves. For example, Luke Tisdale is the favourite to replace Burchnall, who was sacked after seven years at the club. Also, there’s a big name in the mix for a manager’s job, Mike Williamson, who led Gateshead to the National League North last season.

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