Types of Bets on Sport

There are many types of sports betting online. To start betting, you must learn all these bets first.

Sports betting is a very exciting experience, and the type of betting is one of the most important parts of it. When you attend any sporting event, you are interested in it supporting the team of your choice. Many sports fans take their interest to a higher level, which is to bet money on the outcome of the event.

This sports betting makes the activity of enjoying the sport more interesting and fans can get involved indirectly with the sport. For most new gamblers, one aspect of sports betting that often confuses them is how the bets are handled.

In this article, we will list the types of sports betting that are commonly found on online sports betting sites.

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Types Of Betting You Usually Find Online

There are many sports betting sites that come from various countries in the world. Therefore, the types of bets offered on each betting site may differ from each other. There are different types of bets called by different names in other countries as well and some types of bets depend on the sport you want to bet on. Here, we will explain in more detail if a bet has another nickname, or is rarely found in India.

Straight Bets

Straight Bets are direct bets between two or more teams/athletes. You can choose the team or athlete you think will win, and place bets on them. If the team of your choice wins, you will get your bet money back, along with a percentage of your winnings.

Straight bets are commonly found for sports such as football, basketball and baseball where there are two sides fighting each other.

Straight bets can be made in several systems, including money lines, spreads and more. Straight batch is a term that has wide use.

Total Over-Under Bet

Another type of bet that is easy to understand and very commonly found online is the total over under bet. In such bets, the bookie will make a prediction on the number of points that will be collected by both teams in a particular event.

As a gambler, you are given the option to bet on whether the total points of both teams at the end of the match are more or less than the number set by the bookie.

For example, in a Liverpool football match against Arsenal, the bookie determines that the total over undervalued is 2.5. If you think that the number of points is 3 or more, you can bet on ‘over’, and if you believe it

is 2 or less, you bet under. The over-under point value set by the bookie usually has a half which is 0.5 to please the gambler choosing over or under.

Moneyline Betting or Win Bets

Moneyline betting is the easiest betting system to understand. In this type of betting, each team or participant in a sporting event is given a probability of winning. If you bet on a team and your team wins, you will win too.

In money-line betting, probabilities are given to all participants. In India, this probability is expressed in decimal form. Usually, this decimal value is lower for the team or athlete that is calculated to win, and higher for the party that is unlikely to win.

So if you bet on an underdog team that is less likely to win, you will profit more if they actually win. Moneyline betting is also known as Win Bets in most countries other than the United States.

Parlay or Accumulator bets

Parlay betting means a set of bets involving several match results at once. Simply put, a parlay can be thought of as a combination of several match bets. Such bets must have two or more bets to be counted as parlays. The gambler must win all bets in the parlay to get a big win.

If the gambler loses even one of the best in this parlay bet, he is counted as losing the entire parlay bet and will not win anything.

Teaser/Pleaser Betting

This bet has the same concept as a parlay bet. The gambler must choose a combination of several bets and must win them all to be considered a winner. Only one thing is different, which is that the gambler has the power to change the point spread value and the over/under value determined by the bookie.

Typically, gamblers can gray out this value by 4-10 points. Teaser betting is very popular among experienced and reliable gamblers. This is because this type of betting requires in-depth knowledge of a particular match and the teams involved.

Pertaruhan Parlay Teasers/Pleasers

Both Parlay and Teasers bets are a type of bet on a combination of several matches from several sports. As with any other Parlay bet, you must win all individual bets in it to be counted as winning.
Teasers and Pleasers bets differ from regular Parlays in that they only involve a combination of Point Spread and Totals Over Under bets. For both, you can change the point spread value or Totals by 4-10 points.
For Teasers you change it to increase your own chances of winning, but with a lower exit payout. For Pleasers you change it to favor the bookie, but with a higher exit fee.

Point Spread or Handicap Betting

In point spread betting, the system is a bit complicated for new gamblers to understand. In any of these point-spread bets, you will notice that there is a one or two-digit number next to the team involved. This number has a positive or negative symbol in front of it. This number is known as the point spread and differs in probability.

In the point spread, the underdog team, i.e. the team that is thought less likely to win, will be given a positive number. The team most likely to win will be given a negative number. For example, Manchester United (-1.5) against Arsenal (+1.5).

In the example above, Manchester United will get 1.5 goals minus the final result and for Arsenal, 1.5 goals will be added to their final result. You can decide whether to bet the team still wins or loses after points are added or subtracted from them.

For example, you bet Manchester United will win at the end of the match with Arsenal. However, at the end of the match, Manchester United got 1 goal and Arsenal 0 goals. After the point spread is applied, MU gets -0.5 and Arsenal gets 1.5. Then MU is considered not to win and you lose your bet.

Bet If

This ‘If’ bet is the most complicated bet in the gambling world. It involves a series of several sports bets. This series of bets can be made on one match only, or involve several matches.

The important thing that makes this ‘If’ bet different from Parlay is that it has conditions. As a gambler, you must win the first bet in this set before the second bet is made. This second bet must also be won before the third bet is made, and so on.

If you win the first bet, you will profit from that win, and the original bet will be used to make the second and subsequent bets. If you lose the first bet, then you will lose your bet money and no more second or third bets will be made. In the case where you win the first bet, but lose the second bet, you can still keep the profit/win from the first bet, but the original bet money will be lost.

Reverse Betting

The reverse bet is an extension of the If bet. Because the conditions in If betting are very strict and difficult to win, reverse betting is introduced. Reverse betting has the same concept as If betting. But it involves the division of bets between two opposing decisions.

For example, in the If bet, if your first bet is Manchester United win against Arsenal and you win, your bet is extended to the second round. But if you lose, you lose all your money and betting can no longer continue.

To avoid situations like the above, and to increase the chances of winning something, all betting levels involve two bets on opposite results. Like the example above, you bet on MU wins and MU loses. Whatever the final result, you can still proceed to the second betting stage, where you can bet on two or more final results. Even if the win in a reverse bet is smaller than an If bet, you can still win something.

Pertaruhan Head To Head

Head-to-head betting is a fairly easy bet to understand. It is a bet of two teams or athletes against each other. You choose the party that will win and bet on them. If your team loses, you lose your bet money.

Proposition betting

Proposition betting involves betting on events that are expected to occur or will not occur in a match. It is a side bet that is not linked to the result at the end of the match.

Among the examples of prop bets to be found include the number of goals by a particular player, the number of red cards the referee will issue and who will win the MVP award this season.

Other Bets Available

Generally, each sports betting site will have a list of different types of bets. While the bets listed above are the most common types of bets, not all bookies will have those bets.

Some of the less common types of bets include futures betting. This is a bet on future events. In addition, there are also exotics bets adapted to the sport of horse racing. 

You can also find Mix Parlay betting where, instead of betting on one team or event, you bet on several games or events with different types of bets.

There are also singles, doubles and triple bets. This is a type of parlay bet that involves two or three different bets.

How To Choose The Right Bet

As a gambler, your ultimate goal is to generate a profit from your bets. Therefore, before you start betting, make sure that every betting decision is made carefully. Here are some tips and guidelines for making the right betting choice:

Bet on the sport you know best

No matter which type of bet you choose, it should be for the sporting event you have actually been following all this time, there are many sports you can bet on, so choose carefully. Only in this way can you know whether the bookie probabilities are accurate, and which ones are most accurate.

Also, if you’re betting on a sport you know, it’s much easier to understand all the terms used and the scoring system discussed.

Do adequate research

With the availability of various sports information sites today, in-depth study of a sport has certainly become easier. Although the process of doing your own research sounds very tedious, it is very useful. With adequate research, you can make more accurate and higher-value decisions.

One of the most effective ways to do research is by joining a sports fan club. This can be a forum or a Group on social media. Here you will be exposed to various opinions of other fans and get feedback on your own predictions.

Find the Probability of Value

High probabilities are not necessarily the most valuable probabilities. You should choose the bet where the probability describes the result most accurately. A valued probability is the probability that exceeds the prediction of the winning of a bet.

To really make sure you win, your probability should be the value of the bet as far as possible. The probabilities sought must be greater than the actual probabilities. This strategy requires experience to be improved and refined. However, it will ensure that you are more profitable in the long run.

Don’t Start With Complicated Bets

Complicated bets will not necessarily benefit you. If you are a beginner gambler, you should choose an easier bet. For example, head-to-head bets, or single money line bets.

Complicated betting involves more strategy and more probability. Therefore, you must improve your skills first before you can make bets like If and Reverse with confidence. If you start with a simple bet, your long-term losses are less than if you continue to make complicated bets.

Compare Multiple Betting Pages

As you expand your scope as a gambler into more betting markets, the chances of finding a value bet are higher. Therefore, you should join as many sports betting sites as you can afford, but before signing up always make sure that the site is safe, licensed, and secure, to find a good betting site you can read reviews of our sports betting sites, we check all important aspects from the betting page.

Over time, as you become more experienced, you can determine which sites offer the most accurate and profitable probabilities. If you are active in more markets, you will also find more different ways and types of betting as well as trying them out. Maybe you can find the right type of bet for yourself this way.

A Variety Of Betting Types Will Help You

Sports betting has evolved from simple bets such as head-to-head betting. For you to have the best betting experience, you must learn all the basic betting systems first.

In theory, you might be able to understand how all these bets work. However, the best way to master it is to practice it yourself. No other experience can replace the experience of betting on your favorite sport and gaining your own knowledge.


How to register on a sports betting site?

Betting sites usually have a registration button. After you press this button, you can fill out the form and will be confirmed as a member. After that, you can make the first deposit and start betting.

What sports are popular to bet on?

Among Malaysian gamblers, football is the most popular sport to gamble.

What is a common probability system?

There are three common ways of writing probabilities, namely decimals, fractions and money lines.

What is the most effective strategy for new gamblers?

Focus on one team and one type of sport only to familiarize yourself with their performance.

What is a betting exchange?

It is a sports betting platform with no bookies, and gamblers place bets against each other.

Can sports bets be made on mobile phones?

Yes, all sports betting sites can be browsed through a browser application or they have an app version page.

How to find a sports betting site with the best probabilities and lines?

You can find it by reading reviews and recommendations from sites like ours.