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Last Updated: August 31, 2023

PS3838 Review

PS3838 Review

PS3838 is a licensed sportsbook operating from the Netherlands Antilles in Curacao. It is known for its impressive package that has attracted thousands of punters worldwide, accepting both arbs and high winning bettors. The PS3838 casino room offers a variety of games such as slot machines, video poker, online poker, roulette, and others, as well as a room for high bettors that fits their higher requirements. It is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to bet on their favorite events from anywhere. PS3838 is known for its modern design and user-friendly interface, which can be accessed both through desktop and mobile app. It has a reputation for constantly innovating and adjusting its services to the demands of its users, always striving for the best betting experience.

Is PS3838 Safe?

PS3838 is considered to be a safe and reliable online betting platform by several sources. According to one source, PS3838 is trusted globally and there have not been any reported problems with the site. The platform allows for deposits and withdrawals with 20 different currencies, including cryptocurrency, and allows players to deposit using their preferred payment method. Another source considers PS3838 to be a reliable and legitimate site.

PS3838 Responsible

PS3838 is a bookmaker that can only be accessed via an agent or a broker. The website states that “gambling can be addictive. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly.” This suggests that PS3838 has a responsible gambling policy in place.

PS3838, also highlights the importance of responsible gambling and mentions that they provide customer support to players without any commission or fees.

PS3838 Signup Offers

PS3838 doesn’t offer any universal sign-up bonuses for their clients, as the focus is on professional bettors. However, there is a welcome bonus offer for new VOdds customers who sign up directly to PS3838, which includes a bonus of up to €/£/$ 100 or ¥ 500 or 25% of the initial deposit only. This offer is only valid until December 31, 2023, and requires the use of a promo code (pinxv088) when registering. Additionally, it is more profitable to get direct bookmaker accounts through VOdds, as users can maximize the PS3838 sports betting offer by funding their accounts.

When creating a PS3838 account, users should keep in mind that their login name cannot be changed after it has been created, and it must be 6-15 characters in length, contain only letters and numbers, and start with a letter.

Overall, while there are no universal sign-up offers, new VOdds customers can take advantage of a welcome bonus when signing up directly to PS3838, and it’s also beneficial to get a direct bookmaker account through VOdds for maximum profit.

PS3838 Detail Review

Sports and Betting Markets available in PS3838?

PS3838 is an Asian online betting platform that offers a variety of sports and betting markets for its customers. The site predominantly features betting on soccer and esports, but it also caters to a variety of sporting events. PS3838 offers a vast range of betting options, with approximately 30 unique sports and 50-500 markets per sport to choose from. Its range of sports includes football, basketball, baseball, American football, and esports, among others, and the offered markets include both pre-match and live betting options. While the site does not offer a deposit bonus, it provides high limits and fantastic odds as a lifetime reward to its customers.

PS3838 Odds and Value

PS3838 is an online betting platform with a strong reputation for offering some of the best odds available in the market, particularly for Asian Handicap betting. The platform is backed by Pinnacle, another reputable bookmaker, which contributes to the reliability of its odds. The odds are one of the main strengths of PS3838, with the bookmaker’s payout rate exceeding 97% – 98% pre-live, especially on popular events. This payout rate is exceptional compared to other bookmakers, making PS3838 an excellent option for those seeking value. The platform also has a low minimum stake of 5 euro, ensuring that all punters can afford to stake and providing more accessibility. However, it is worth noting that PS3838 is only accessible via an agent or broker and does not accept retail clients.

Bet Limits PS3838

PS3838 is a sportsbook that offers high odds and limits for Asian handicap betting on a wide range of sports, from football and basketball to baseball, American football, and eSports. PS3838 offers some of the highest betting limits in the industry, making it a popular choice for professional bettors. However, it’s important to note that maximum limits can change at any moment, which may result in risking more than anticipated. Additionally, PS3838 is known for being a reliable and trustworthy betting company, with a history that dates back to 1998.

PS3838 is an excellent bookmaker for combo bets and does not have any betting limits, making it a popular choice for bettors looking to place large wagers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that bet limits may vary depending on the sport and the specific event. PS3838 is a reliable sportsbook with high odds and limits, making it a popular choice for serious bettors.

Additional Betting Features in PS3838

PS3838 is a popular sports betting website that offers a wide range of sports and markets to bet on. In addition to standard betting options, PS3838 also offers several additional betting features that can enhance the overall betting experience.

One of the notable features of PS3838 is the ability to place combo/parlay bets. This allows bettors to combine multiple bets into a single wager, potentially increasing the payout if all the bets are successful.

Another feature of PS3838 is its availability through brokerages such as VOdds, which can provide access to the site’s offerings and potentially increase profitability through special bonuses and promotions.

PS3838 also offers a variety of sports besides soccer, including American football, baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, futsal, rugby, MMA, boxing, darts, cycling, and more, as well as various betting markets such as 1×2, Asian Handicap, Over and Under, parlays, half and full-time betting, and more.

PS3838 has a low minimum stake of 5 euro, which allows punters of all levels to participate, and the site provides some of the highest odds in the industry. PS3838 is also a good option for Asian handicap betting, with great odds and limits on a wide range of sports and live betting options available.

PS3838 offers several additional betting features that can enhance the betting experience, such as combo/parlay bets, availability through brokerages, a variety of sports and markets, low minimum stakes, and high odds.

In-Play Betting in PS3838

PS3838 offers in-play betting on various sports. In-play betting allows customers to place bets on an event that is already in progress. However, there may be a short delay before the bets are accepted and during dangerous situations, the bets may be kept pending at PS3838’s discretion. The website offers in-play betting on a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, American football, and eSports, among others. In order to use the PS3838 for in-play betting, customers must fund their accounts. PS3838 also offers combo/parlay bets for customers to bet on multiple events at once. It is important to note that PS3838 reserves the right to void any bet made in a fraudulent manner and all bets are accepted or rejected purely at PS3838’s discretion.

Live Streaming in PS3838

PS3838 offers a reliable and wide variety of live betting options for sports such as football and basketball, among others. They also have a solid and extensive product offering, with more than 15,000 available betting markets for various sports, which is highly rated by customers. PS3838 has developed into one of the premier sports betting companies in the world, with great odds and limits, especially for Asian handicap betting. The offered markets include both pre-match and live betting options.

It is worth noting that by accessing, using, or navigating throughout PS3838’s website, customers accept that certain cookies will be used to improve their user experience only and will not interfere with their privacy. However, the website cannot function if cookies are disabled.

PS3838 Cashout & Other Features

Here are some key details on PS3838 features:

  • Minimum stake: The minimum stake on PS3838 is 5 euros, which is affordable for many punters. This site offers high odds and is known for having a great attitude towards winning players. It is powered by Pinnacle, a popular and well-regarded sportsbook, and as a result, PS3838 has the highest odds among other bookies on the market.
  • Placing combo/parlay bets: There is a tutorial on how to place combo/parlay bets on PS3838, which can be found on the BET-IBC channel on YouTube.
  • Using PS3838 on VOdds: VOdds is a betting platform that can be used to maximize PS3838’s sports betting offer. To use PS3838 on VOdds, you need to fund your account. It is also more profitable to sign up for a direct account for PS3838 through VOdds, which offers a 25% bonus up to €/£/$ 100.
  • Cookies: PS3838 uses cookies to improve the user experience, but they will not interfere with your privacy. The website cannot function if cookies are disabled.

Customer service in PS3838

PS3838 is a bookmaker that operates exclusively through agents or brokers. Therefore, customer service is managed by these intermediaries. As such, PS3838’s customer service is not directly available to individual players, and any issues or queries must be addressed through agents or brokers who will handle customer service, deposits, withdrawals, and settlements on behalf of players. The operators of PS3838 are available to assist players through two main contact channels, including telephone and email, which are accessible in English. However, players need to contact their brokers or agents if they have any issues or queries regarding their accounts or betting activities.

PS3838 Available in Asian Countries

PS3838 is an online sportsbook that is available to players in various Asian countries. It is a premium Asian bet bookmaker established in 1998 that is powered by Pinnacle, which is one of the top sportsbook providers worldwide. To access PS3838, players need to go through a betting agent that offers accounts and customer support to players, such as BetInAsia, which provides betting accounts and all-round customer support to players, without any commission or fees.

PS3838 offers a low-margin betting platform with high stake wagering options. It is known for operating on the lowest possible bookmarking margin, meaning that it offers the best odds possible to its customers. With PS3838, players can bet on a variety of sports and markets, including Asian Handicap markets that the original Pinnacle does not have.

PS3838’s website is available in English, Asian, and Classic view languages. The website uses cookies to improve the user experience, but it will not interfere with a player’s privacy. It is important to note that the website cannot function if cookies are disabled.

PS3838 Payment Methods

PS3838 Acceptable Cryptocurrencies

PS3838 is an online payment platform designed to make it easy and secure for customers to shop online with cryptocurrencies. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a select number of other digital currencies as acceptable forms of payment when making purchases on our website. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest level of security and convenience when shopping online.

How to Deposit in PS3838

PS3838 only accepts deposits via betting brokers, meaning you cannot directly make a deposit on the PS3838 betting account. You need to sign up with a reputable betting brokerage like Vodds and fund your account with them to use PS3838 for your betting. VOdds also offers a 25% bonus up to €/£/$100 for signing up for a direct account with PS3838. PS3838 allows you to deposit and withdraw with 20 currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

However, the specific process for depositing through a betting broker may vary depending on the broker you choose to use. It’s best to consult the instructions provided by your chosen broker to understand the process they require.

How to Withdrawal in PS3838

Withdrawals from PS3838 must be made through a betting broker or agent rather than directly through the PS3838 sportsbook. It is also important to note that the minimum withdrawal amount for most payment methods is €50, with bank transfers having a higher minimum of €150. Additionally, it appears that PS3838 accepts a variety of payment methods, including cryptocurrency, and offers high payout rates for popular events.

Agents and brokers are responsible for managing customer services, deposits, withdrawals, and settlements on behalf of players. They will open accounts, receive deposits, credit players’ funds to their PS3838 account, manage their withdrawal requests, and provide customer support for any inquiries.

In summary, to make a withdrawal from PS3838, players must work with a betting broker or agent who will handle the transaction on their behalf. It is also important to note the minimum withdrawal amounts and the variety of payment methods available for use on the platform.

How to Get Started at PS3838

PS3838 is an online sports betting platform that allows users to place wagers on a variety of sporting events. If you are interested in getting started on PS3838, the following steps can be taken:

Step1: Visit PS3838

Once you are on the site, you will find a wide range of betting options, including sports betting and casino gaming. You can also take advantage of their promotions and bonuses by registering for a free account.

Step 2: Sign Up

Once you are on the PS3838 website, you will need to create an account with them. When signing up for a new account, be sure to fill in all the necessary details such as your name and address. You will also need to choose a secure password that can’t easily be guessed by others.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Once you have signed up, make a deposit to your PS3838 account to have funds to place a wager. Various payment methods can be used for this purpose.

Step 4: Place a Wager

Choose the sporting event you would like to wager on and place your bet.

Step 5: Verify Your Account

After you have placed your wager, you may need to verify your account by providing additional information or documentation.

Step 6: Make a Withdrawal

If you win your bet, you can make a withdrawal of your winnings from your PS3838 account. The withdrawal process typically involves providing your bank account details or other payment information.

PS3838 App

PS3838 app also offers a wide range of features and services for its users. These include the ability to place bets on sports, horse racing, casino games, lottery draws and more. Users can also benefit from exclusive offers and promotions that are regularly provided by the app. The user-friendly interface helps make it easy to navigate around the app. It is available in a range of languages, allowing players from around the world to have access to the app.

PS3838 Bonus Code

PS3838 offers a welcome bonus of 25% up to €/£/$100 or ¥500 of the initial deposit. To access this bonus, one can use the promo code “pinxv088” during registration.

PS3838 is a bookmaker that can only be accessed via an Agent or a Broker. They do not accept any retail clients as they prefer to deal with Agents on a B2B basis. However, avid sports bettors can find more than enough choices to wager and even get a PS3838 bonus for their activity. PS3838 offers more than 40,000 pre-match markets monthly and over 15,000 markets for live betting.

It is also worth noting that PS3838 was formerly known as Pinnacle Sports and was founded in 1998. It holds its license from the Government of the Netherlands Antilles and is considered one of the pioneers in the betting industry. Pinnacle is medium-sized and fully licensed, with its 20 years of experience, and offers a wide range of sports betting options.

Casino in PS3838

PS3838 offers a range of casino games alongside its sports betting options. These games include live dealer casino games like Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Side Bet City, Blackjack Blitz, Texas Holdem Poker, as well as virtual sports like instant football and dashing derby. PS3838 is licensed under the laws of Curacao by Antillephone N.V. for the provision of sports betting and casino. The casino games offered by PS3838 are provided by some of the top software providers in the industry and are accessible through the PS3838 website.

PS3838 is a well-known and popular bookmaker that has been in the betting industry since 1998. It is a premium Asian bookmaker that is dedicated to providing the best odds and a supreme betting experience to its customers. The minimum stake for PS3838 is 5 euro, which is an affordable amount for all types of punters. The bookie is home to some of the world’s most popular sports, and the sports have some of the highest odds on the market. PS3838 can only be accessed via an agent or a broker, and they do not accept any retail clients as they prefer to deal with agents on a B2B basis. Agents will take care of customer services, deposits, withdrawals, and settlements.

In terms of reviews, there are not many available, but the few available ones show that PS3838 is a trustworthy bookmaker that uses dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard its platform. It is important to note that fake reviews are combated. PS3838 it is one of the pioneers in the betting industry and one of the best sportsbooks available on the betting market.

Read this page in other languages:

  • High limits: PS3838 is known for offering some of the highest betting limits in the industry, which is especially attractive to high rollers and professional bettors.
  • Player-focused: PS3838 has a reputation for being dedicated to giving back to players and having a great attitude towards winning players.
  • Low margins: PS3838 follows the same business model as Pinnacle, which is based on low margins and high volume operations. This approach can result in better odds and payouts for bettors.
  • Need for agents: While PS3838 is a popular bookmaker, it does not offer direct account signups. Bettors need to go through an agent to open an account, which may not be convenient for everyone.
  • Limits may vary: While PS3838’s betting limits are generally high, they may not always be the same as those offered by Pinnacle. This is because agents may profile players and set limits accordingly.
  • No direct API: According to one user, PS3838’s API is no longer available, and using it required going through a proxy program like Fiddler.
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Which Licenses have PS3838?

PS3838 holds a valid European Union Gaming License issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Is PS3838 safe?

Yes, PS3838 takes measures to ensure all customer data and funds are completely secure, due to its high security standards and use of advanced encryption technology.

Is there a PS3838 bonus for newly registering customers?

Yes, PS3838 offers a Welcome Bonus of up to $500.00 when you make your first deposit.

Which else bonuses have PS3838?

PS3838 also offers additional bonuses such as Weekly Reload Bonuses, Monthly Cashback and Refer-a-Friend bonuses.

Which countries players accept PS3838?

PS3838 currently accepts players from over 200 countries worldwide. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions section of the website for a complete list of accepted countries.

How I can get a Welcome Bonus in PS3838?

In order to qualify for the Welcome Bonus, simply make your first deposit into your account and the bonus will automatically be credited.

How I can deposit in PS3838?

PS3838 offers a variety of payment methods for deposits, including bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

How I can withdraw from PS3838?

You can withdraw your funds via the same method that you deposited with or opt for an alternate withdrawal method.

PS3838 accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes, PS3838 accepts a wide range of cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Please refer to the banking page on the website for more information.

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