W88 Bookmaker Review

You are welcome W88 visit the sports betting largest in Asia, with a variety of the market is a popular sport at stake.


  • 24/7 customer support on many runways
  • The duration of the production of very fast
  • No grumbling from the gambler


  • Payment channels which weren’t much

Review Betting Sites W88

W88 is the site of betting and gambling and is very well known and trusted in the Asian continent. Although it is not known outside Asia, W88 still has a good position among gamblers. W88 is among the site’s sports betting the most reliable and often given a good evaluation in the rig reviews of gambling sites.

It already started to operate in the year 2013 and so far still does not get complaints significantly from the gamblers. This is an indication that the W88 is a site that is honest and committed to gambling experience the best for every visitor.

In addition, W88 also be the main sponsor of Crystal Palace F. C. in the English Premier League, and never become a sponsor for other football clubs such as Aston Villa, Leicester City, and Wolverhampton Wandered. In addition, they have Emile Heskey as a brand ambassador. This is among the signs that the site is acceptable and recognized by many.

A Variety Of Bet Types Available

Account your bets can be applied directly to various types of bets. W88 in the section gets to give you a variety of betting options including Asian handicap, Outright, Odds/Evens, and High/Low for you to diversify things that you can bet on. In addition, there is also a Parlay bet in two forms, namely Parlay and Teasers, Mix Parlay and Single Match Parlay.

In addition to betting on the above-mentioned, you can also bet on a variety of incidents in an event or match. For example, who the first goalscorer, half-time score, number of goals dijaring by the team of your choice and much more. You are encouraged to read the rules of betting in order to understand how each type of bet works.

W88 Probability Of An Honest And Clear

The probability of victory of any team that is displayed on the betting sites is very important because it will determine your betting strategy. Therefore, the exact probability is a good thing. According to the visitors W88, they have a probability nice and very helpful in reasoning for their current plan strategy.

The probability here is available in 5 different shapes, i.e. the probability of China, Malaysia, Indonesia, America and Decimals. Between the system probability of this, the system of Malaysia is the easiest and most comfortable for gamblers locally because gamblers are familiar with it. To are live bets, the probability is updated every few seconds.

Sports From Different Continents

Part of the sports betting in the W88 is divided into several pages, that is a-sports and e-Sports( Asian)featuring matches from the continent of Asia, as well as e-Sports (European) featuring matches from Europe. Of course, sports such as football and basketball get attention. In addition to popular sports,, there are also sports that are rarely found as Hurling Gaelic and Gaelic football. There is also a section that displays virtual sports where you can bet on sports in the form of a video game.

All sports for betting available in W88:
American Football, Australian Football, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Dart, E-sports, Football, Futsal, Gaelic Football, Golf, Handball, Hurling, Ice Hockey, MMA, Motorcycle Racing, Muay Thai, Netball, Ping Pong, Pool, Racing Bike, Route high speed motorcycle, Rugby, Snooker, Tennis, UFC, Virtual Sports, Volleyball.

The World W88 Offers A Handy Guide

Page bookie W88 indeed prioritizes the experiences of gamblers who come here, and are always willing to help you decide the bet right. Therefore, they provide a part filled with sports news and guide a match called ‘The World of W’ or the World of W. this Part can be found under the link of the sport and has a range of useful resources such as blog articles, news, latest match, and a video of a match that is already running. So far, almost all of the news and the resources available here revolve around football. Hopefully, the W88 can include a guide and news for other sports in the future.

W88 Bonus Section Gracious

Bonus sites W88 offer you a variety of lucrative bonuses for every type of game available here. Gamblers who want to bet on sporting events will be interested in the section for new members and bonus section sports. For new members, there are several bonuses that can be used to deposit first. These include a Welcome bonus of 100% up to RM150 and a bonus first deposit of RM150. Furthermore, you can get a welcome bonus of 100% up to RM218 to be used in the bet e-sports. In addition, you can get various offers for sports betting, such as rebate daily cash up to 0.2%-0.3% reload bonus daily of 10% for e-sports. All these bonuses can be claimed at any time you feel appropriate.

Check offers and bonuses from other Bookmakers

50% bonus up to 300 000 + 50 Free Spins
Enjoy a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC
55000 TNB + 150 Free Spins
Welcome Deposit Bonus up to 180%
Bonus 100% up to ₹30 000
100% Welcome Bonus up to 3000 + 300 Free Bet
Welcome Bonus is 750 INR
1 deposit up to 20000 INR

Online Banking For Gamblers Malaysia

W88 provides payment channels and customized products for gamblers from the united states. To make a deposit, you can choose between a bank transfer or QuickPay. For bank transfers, you can use several ways, namely ATM transactions, online banking, or making a transaction at the counter of the bank itself. Quick Pay is a method of deposit instantly done online and is the second method for gamblers from the united states to make a deposit.

For both these methods, a minimum deposit is RM30 while the deposit maximum is RM25,000 and RM10,000 each to bank transfer and QuickPay. Deposits for both these methods are immediate and do not take a long time. For production, there is only a bank transfer, offline, and on average only takes 15 minutes. You need to ensure that your banking information, especially the name on the bank account is the same as the name of the account which is registered in the W88. The withdrawal minimum is RM30 while the maximum production is RM25,000.

A Variety Of Easy Ways To Contact The Support Staff

Like most betting sites, you will find the chat box or the live chat which can be found on the main page. You can tap a symbol of balloon conversation on the right bottom side or click to the top of the box of ‘Contact Us’ on the right side of the screen. A box of ‘Contact Us’ featuring almost all of the support options available at a glance, such as Skype, WeChat and Live Chat.

For a full list of support, you can choose the link Contact Us at the middle of the page. There you can choose the language support you want, and after that see a list of relationships available to the language concerned. This includes an email address, an email to the financial, phone numbers, Skype, Line, and WeChat in addition to the live chat available. The language available for visitors from Malaysia is Chinese language and English Language. Unfortunately English is not there, but the support is indeed given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Several Ways To Play W88 On Cell Phone

For your convenience, W88 provides a variety of ways for you to play on your mobile phone. First of all, there are links HTML 5 that you can click to play on any internet browser application. In addition, there is also an app Club W for Android and iOS.

This app is easy to download and play, as well as covers all aspects of the site W88 including all parts of the sports betting that is a-Sports, e-Sports, sports betting and gambling addiction. For Android mobile phones, there is the app version is more concise, known as the W88 Lite App can be downloaded via the link on the main website, as well as the full app version.

The Usability Of The Friendly Shill

Bookie W88 is a page that exactly prioritizes the experience of every gambler as sincere. Although on the surface it does not have any significant advantages, the warmth of this page will manifest itself when you start to use it and make a bet.

Important information, such as banking, VIP program, Bonuses and so very easy to find and read. This is important for gamblers to understand the basic rules of betting and gambling. In fact, the information which you want to be sprinkled around the home in the form of icons that hover around the site. With a quick glance, you can find an answer to your question.

You Can Trust The Security Policy W88

Between the bookie online, W88 is indeed very consistent in getting a good reviews from gamblers who come here. From the conditions of production of a clear till to the mechanism of bonuses, all are clearly stated so that the gamblers understand before you begin. Page W88 provides a security policy that is very complete, with a stated commitment to ensure that all your information is properly used and protected. You can read the security policy of those who complete at the Info Centre which also has a guide on how to gamble for discipline and safe.

Pelesenen From The Philippines

Licenses held by the sports betting W88 are from First Cagayan, the licensing body dai Philippines. Apart from obtaining a valid license, W88 also trying to get a variety of certifications for their games, such as the certification of the BMM and GLI. This certification proves that the W88 is committed to ensuring that the whole process is clean of all sorts of suspicious activity.

Live Betting For Many Sports

For all board sports betting, there are sports that are offered live betting, such as football, e-sports, basketball and many more. The advantage of live betting is that you can still convert your bets up to the last minute. Betting live like this have a probability that is updated every few seconds, making it a type of bet that is more thrilling and fun.

Club W88 VIP Makes Your Loyalty Worth it

VIP Program here is called the VIP Club W and it has four different levels, namely Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. This Program is open to any active accounts and never makes deposits at least 3 times with success. To enhance the standard of your membership in the VIP program, you need to gamble handsomely. For example, to improve your status from the lowest level which is blue, to the gold level you need to bet RM250,000 in the term of 30 days.

The VIP Program gives various rewards and advantages, including deposit limits and the production is enhanced, the account manager private 24hr 7 days a week, birthday gifts and tours, cruises, stage shows as well as concert exclusivity from time to time.

Gambling The Extra Row Can Be Enjoyed

Apart from the casino games such as slots and casino tables, W88 game provides multiple sides for your tastes. Of course, the bale casino table and slot will be playing here as well, but those more eager want to know may try a video game, the lottery, and P2P.

Part of the lottery mainly has a variety of fun games such as Xoc He, Hi-Lo Thai, Keno, Lotto and many more.

Bookie Neat For Gamblers India

As gamblers from the united states are very rarely found the right is reserved by the player from the country because India is one market that is calculated as relatively small. But W88 exactly strives to provide a platform for sports betting that makes gamblers from this continent to feel very comfortable and welcome. This includes the appropriate payment method, as well as a sporting event that is known by many people of India. For this reason alone, they deserve visited and given the opportunity.


What is the minimum deposit for W88?

A minimum Deposit is RM30.

Are there live bets here?

Yes, you can follow various live sports including football and basketball.

What payment and withdrawal channels are available here?

For gamblers in Malaysia, you can do a bank transfer or use QuickPay to deposit and bank transfer to production.

What is the license obtained by bookie W88?

The site sports betting W88 have a license from First Cagayan Gaming Authority.

How to become a VIP member?

All gamblers new will be added to the lowest level which is blue, immediately after making the first deposit.