One of our goals is to help you enjoy sports betting but not dive headlong into betting. First things first, you and only you are responsible for your gambling. Our websites, casinos, bookies, and other gambling platforms have to ensure you read and understand all the rules and measures preventing you from getting addicted. 

Why do people get addicted?

One of the main reasons for addiction is immersion in betting when a person replaces his real life with bets. This can be due to problems at work, the monotony of life, loneliness, family problems, or an obsessive desire to win a lot of money. When a person wins, this gain works as a substitute for happiness on an emotional level. That is, if you don’t get these emotions in your life, it will be effortless to get hooked on bets.

Let’s say you play 24/7 to win big. You think that now you will win X dollars and then stop. Once you win this amount, you won’t stop. By this point, the expectation of profit is already becoming more emotionally charged than the receipt of this profit. Before you start placing bets, think about how great your temptation is to dive into them in your head and become addicted. Evaluate this sensibly, as addiction has a considerable number of negative consequences.

How do you see addiction even in its early stages? 

All gambling platforms allow you to take an addiction survey. As soon as you suspect an increased interest or some kind of atypical thirst for games, take the survey and answer the questions honestly. This will help you understand precisely whether you are addicted or not. 

What are the factors that may mean early stages of addiction? 

These are just a few of the factors that accurately characterize addiction. If you place bets often, then try to take questionnaires to identify addiction regularly – this will significantly reduce the chances of its occurrence or further development.

How to avoid gambling addiction?

In addition to regular checks and surveys, there are proven methods that you can follow to avoid addiction. Firstly, always set limits for yourself – for example, devote only 2 hours a day to betting, or after a loss, finish bets to give yourself a break, and do not try to win back. Second, don’t make betting your hobby – think of it as part-time work with a time limit.

Most often, those people who have nothing else to do become addicted to betting. Don’t make this mistake – go to the gym, watch movies, read books, spend time with friends.

Organizations protecting players from addiction

  1. Gamblers Anonymous – here, you can get help from phone calls to guides and Q&As. You may find steps for a recovery program, advice on how to help your friends or relatives who have a gambling addiction. 
  2. BeGambleAware – here you can get free and anonymous help about your situation or receive free advice on how to help someone with gambling problems.
  3. GamCare is a UK organization that offers private and group consultations, free phone calls, and forums where you can discuss your problem with other players.

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