Parlay Betting Guide

Parlay betting is a form of betting that is no stranger. It exists in real world sports betting centers and the best online sports betting sites. Here, Parlay Bet means a combination bet between two or more regular bets.

You must win all bets in the Parlay Bet to be counted as won and paid out. The winning payout in these bets is usually very high, i.e. higher than a single bet. This is what makes Parlay betting so attractive to gamblers.

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What Are the Origins of Parlay Betting?

There are several opinions as to where the word Parlay came from. The French have used the term Paroli and in Italy the term Parole exists. Both of these are terms that mean ‘agreement’.

The term Parloi, which comes from these European terms, is used in the Faro Card game to mean the connection of bets from one round of play to the next.

Parlay betting is the same age as sports betting. When bookies in the past made single bets, they realized that they could also create other betting concepts to attract more gamblers.

So they combined a few touches together to make it Parlay. Today, approximately 30% more of all types of bets on any virtual betting board are Parlay bets.

What is Parlay Betting?

These bets are also known by several other names, such as Accumulator Bets, combo, multi and so on. Basically, this bet is a single bet consisting of a combination of two or more different bets.

The combination of these bets can consist of Moneyline bets, Point Spread, Outright, Totals, Futures, Over Under and more. The \ Parlay condition is that all components must bet on other matches, or the same match but different types of bets.

As a gambler, you must win all Parlay component bets in order to be counted as winning. Each component bet in it is sometimes called a leg (Legs) and if you lose one of the legs in the Parlay, the entire Parlay bet is counted as lost and you will lose your bet money.

However, if you manage to win all the legs, the payout for Parlay is very lucrative.

There is only one Parlay challenge, which is very difficult to win. The more feet in your Parlay bet, the lower the probability for you to win.

However, many gamblers are willing to make such bets because it has its own advantages. 

How To Make This Bet?

On online sports betting sites, the process of making these bets is very simple. Usually the bookie will have a Parlay option on your virtual bet slip, in addition to the usual single bet.

You just have to select the Parlay slip option, and you will be allowed to add legs to the slip. There is usually a 10 foot limit or a 10 team Parlay. The addition process varies according to the bookie’s site, but generally you just need to click on the match and the type of bet you want.

The process of making a bet is similar to a single bet, i.e. you place a bet only once, with only one amount.

The payout if you win all of these bets can be calculated by multiplying the probabilities of all matches or legs in your Parlay.

Probability Calculation And Payout Parlay Betting

As mentioned earlier, a Parlay consists of several matches at once. When you make a bet like this, you have to calculate the probability. Let’s look at an example of how to calculate the probability and payout of a Parlay bet:

Match NameType of BetProbabilityProbability of Your Choice Decision
Arsenal vs. Manchester UnitedOutrightArsenal :2.10
Manchester United: 1.50
Manchester United: 1.50
West Ham vs ChelseaPoints SpreadWest Ham: +3
/ 1.91 Chelsea: -3 / 1.91
Chelsea: 1.91
Boston Celtics lwn Chicago BullsTotalsOver 48.5 / 1.91
Under 48.5 / 1.91
Over 48.5: 1.91

The example above is a three -team parlay (3 Team Parlay). Two of them are English Premier League football matches, and one is an NBA match from America. Your selection is displayed in the right column.

To calculate the actual probability, you simply need to multiply all the probabilities of the result of your choice, which are given in decimal form for this example.

1.50 x 1.91 x1.91 = 5.47

If according to the decimal probability format, you should subtract 1.0 to get your net profit for the whole. So your net win in this case is 5.47 -1.00 = 4.47.

Say you bet RM100 for this Parlay then your net win will be approx:

4.47 x RM100 = RM447

You will receive back your original bet, so the total amount you will receive is RM 447 + RM100 = RM547.

The Most Important Parlay Betting Strategies

Online bookies and real world sports betting houses rarely offer real probabilities to gamblers when Parlay betting is involved. What do we mean by this?

Let’s take an example in the previous section. For the Parlay 3 Teams we display, the probabilities for all of them are 5. 47.

Bookies will usually try to increase the house edge by offering a slightly lower probability than the actual probability. In this case, they might offer 5.00 or even 4.90 for the Parlay 3 team.

Therefore, you have to be sensitive and choose the bookie that offers the best probability and is closest to the actual probability. You can also choose a bookie with variable probabilities, rather than a bookie that offers a fixed Parlay probability.

Types of Betting In Parlay

As mentioned earlier, Parlay bets are a combination of several different bets. These bets can include the following types of bets:

Moneyline -Sometimes these bets are also known as Outright bets. It is a bet on the final result of a match. Moneyline also refers to a probability format commonly used in America.

Point Spread – A Point Spread bet is a bet on the possibility that a team of your choice can close the points gap set by the bookie.

Totals Over/Under -Bet on whether the total points of both teams in a match exceeds a certain value, or less than it.

Teasers – A type of Parlay in which the gambler is given the freedom to change the Spread and Totals points to increase his own probability of winning, but for a lower payout.

Pleasers – A type of Parlay in which the gambler can change the Spread and Totals points for the bookie’s more profit, but for a higher payout.

The Benefits of Parlay Betting

Aside from being a more fun and thrilling form of betting, Parlay betting also has many advantages in terms of your strategy. Here are some of the benefits:

Less Loss, Big Profit

When you make this bet when you are a new gambler, you do not have to make large amounts. But, the profit you receive is greater than a regular single bet.

For example, if you bet only RM10, you can get RM54.70 if you win the Parlay according to the example above. If you lose, you only lose RM10.

Exceeding the Bet Amount Limit

For gamblers who are high rollers, the betting limits imposed by some bookie sites may not be as favorable. For example, there are bookie sites that charge a limit of RM5000 once a bet on Point Spread events and so on. With Parlay, you don’t have to worry about betting limits.

Hedging Ability

This Hedging strategy is easy to do with Parlay. Usually, gamblers will make these bets as well as individual single bets with low bet amounts. With that said, if you lose you still have a chance of winning individual bets.

Parlay Is A Good Bet

Parlay betting offers an experience that is not the same as regular single betting. In addition to your ability to improve your skills and strategy as an experienced gambler, you also have the opportunity to double your profits when winning.

As long as you start with a low number of team parlay and continue to build your strategy from there, you have a bright chance of winning in the future.

Sports Betting Bonus

All sports betting sites will definitely offer bonuses and special promotions to attract new gamblers and retain old gamblers. You as a customer can take advantage of these bonuses to earn extra money to reap more winnings.

Welcome Bonus – This bonus is offered to gamblers who have just registered for a sports betting site and is usually claimed when making the first deposit.

No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is the rarest but most profitable because it does not require you to make any financial deposit or place a bet to get it. No deposit bonus can be given to new and old gamblers.

Special Promotional Bonus – Sometimes betting sites will offer special promotions to celebrate a celebration or anniversary on the site. There are also bonuses held to promote a particular sport or sporting season.

Periodic Bonuses – Bonuses like these are offered every week or every specific day. However, these periodic bonuses mostly have a usage time limit so you must meet the rollover requirements before claiming the next periodic bonus.

Free Bets – Bonuses like these are known as free bets and often require you to make a deposit or place a bet with real money to claim it.

VIP Bonuses – Most sports betting sites offer a VIP program where you can enjoy additional bonuses and promotions the more you bet.

Free Sports Betting Tips and Predictions

We also provide tips and predictions of the results of the sporting event of your choice. In addition to sports betting site reviews and betting guides, we also offer predictions and tips for the latest sporting events.

Among the sports you can enjoy his predictions are tennis, football, basketball, MMA, boxing and more. Our predictions and tips cover information such as which side is expected to win, probabilities, backgrounds of all teams or athletes, history of their clashes and more.

Our forecasts and tips are written by experienced bettors who are also successful bettors. You will get useful forecasts which are a great guide when making your betting decisions later.

Best of all, our predictions and tips are provided for free so you can read comprehensive results predictions, view statistics of various events and get descriptions from experienced bettors here.

Trusted Sports Betting Sites

When you choose which betting site you want to bet on, the safety factor is very important. This is to ensure that your personal and financial information is fully protected from irresponsible parties. Among the security aspects that you need to look at are:

Presence of license – License must be granted by a trusted and recognized government or accredited body. A licensed site proves that the site owner is committed to ensuring that they act fairly and follow the law.

Security policy – Each betting site will of course provide a section that states their security policy, namely the security of personal information as well as the encryption of all financial processes. You are encouraged to read and understand the security policy of a site to feel more confident to bet on that site.

Site reviews – In addition to reviewing a betting site to determine if it is trustworthy, you can also find reviews about the site on the internet. The opinions of other gamblers and their experience on a site become an important yardstick for you to decide whether a site is trustworthy or not. We also provide useful reviews for you, and you can find out how we honestly review betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site

There are thousands of sports betting sites on the internet today. How to determine if a site is right for you? All sites have their own advantages and disadvantages and no single site is perfect. So, there are a few things you need to consider first.

Trusted sites – Sites that are licensed and passed reviews by other gamblers are a priority.

Sites with customer support-Efficient customer support is very important to your experience because you most likely don’t understand something or run into certain problems when actually starting a bet. You need a platform where you can communicate effectively and get a response in the shortest amount of time.

Payment and withdrawal channels – Identifying payment and withdrawal channels is important so that you can choose the most convenient channel for you to use.

Types of sports available – This is a must -see factor. This is because you need to make sure that a site covers sports and teams that you know and know.

Types of bonuses offered – A betting site that is generous and offers lots of bonuses for you is a wise choice for the long term.

Probabilities and lines offered – A good betting site will offer realistic probabilities and a variety of interesting lines.

Mobile Sports Betting

With the availability of mobile phones nowadays, you no longer have to walk far to place sports bets in a building rented by a bookie. Nowadays, there are online sports betting services as well as mobile phones.

All online sports betting sites can be accessed on your mobile phone . This simplifies you and allows you to bet wherever you are. It also gives you more privacy because it doesn’t have to be done on a computer that might be viewed or shared with others. A mobile phone is a piece of equipment that is a personal item.

There are sites that offer a version of the app. However, if that is not provided, you can still access the betting site from an internet browser or browser application.

Towards the Best Sports Betting Experience

Sports betting is an activity that is actually easy to do and follow. You just have to train yourself and try various strategies to improve your chances and instincts to find a chance of victory. Also, keep in mind our advice to choose the best betting site for yourself. We provide reviews of the best betting sites in the world in a transparent and comprehensive form so that you can be more knowledgeable and can make decisions more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register on a sports betting site?

Betting sites usually have a registration button. After you press this button, you can fill out the form and will be confirmed as a member. After that, you can make the first deposit and start betting.

What sports are popular to bet on?

Among Malaysian gamblers, football is the most popular sport to gamble.

What is a common probability system?

There are three common ways of writing probabilities, namely decimals, fractions and moneyline.

What is the most effective strategy for new gamblers?

Focus on one team and one type of sport only to familiarize yourself with their performance.

What is a betting exchange?

It is a sports betting platform with no bookies, and gamblers place bets against each other.

Can sports bets be made on mobile phones?

Yes, all sports betting sites can be browsed through a browser application or they have an app version page.

How to find a sports betting site with the best probabilities and lines?

You can find it by reading reviews and recommendations from sites like ours.