Live Betting Guide

Live betting makes betting more fun and interesting. Read our guide to live betting and learn more about this feature.

Live betting is a concept of new bets that exists only online. This is because betting live requires an atmosphere and platform that allows the probability of the bet changed and updated while a match is in progress. Site online sports betting best offers this feature and also direct streaming to their members.

Sports betting online is something that has long existed. Even so, a bookie in the world always finds a way to make sports betting more attractive. With the advent of information technology nowadays, a variety of possibilities open for the world of sports betting.

What is live betting? Let’s see bet live up close.

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What Is Live Betting?

Almost all your sports bets in the world at the time are now offering live betting. This is a concept of betting where you can make bets during a match that is in progress. It is also known as a bet in-game or in running. This means that it is betting during the running event.

In the past, gamblers can only make a bet before an event begins. This is called a pre-bet or betting pre-match. But, when sports betting started to be carried out online, the opportunity to introduce the concept of betting recently began to appear.

The presence of internet technology allows the gamblers to change their bet and the bookie to update the probability according to the perkembagan during a game. This gives the opportunity to gamblers to improve the chances of their victory, based on the action in the game that might not be expected before this. In addition, live betting allows gamblers to make an additional bet during a sports event.

With pre-bets, the results of the gamblers on the amount and the parties wish ditaruhkan can not be changed and it’s like it’s locked. Gamblers were forced to accept only what-what happened during an event without can do anything.

Types Of Live Betting Of The Different

It also has a variety of variations, as well as the bet pre-bet. Betting live this display the various types of bets, so it remains to be something exciting experiences and fun.

Types of live betting provided by each site sports betting differ from each other. This is because the preparation of a bet of this type requires a lot of resources. Therefore, you will notice that most of the sites of sports betting will turn their attention against some sports only and some types of live betting.

Among the sports, you can bet on include football, tennis, basketball, and American football. This is the kind of bets that are usually found:

Betting Live Traditional

Betting is very simple, that is all the bets that are offered before a sporting event starts, will be offered when the event starts. Usually, this can involve single bets, head-to-head bets and so on.

One thing that distinguishes betting live the traditional from the betting pre-bets is the probability that can be changed. Let’s say, in something of a sporting event in which Liverpool against Manchester City. Liverpool become the favorite of many to win. So, of course, Man City has a probability higher.

But, in half the time, Man City managed to score two goals and Liverpool failed to get any goals so far. Of course, the probability will be changed after half of the time passed.

Prop Bets Bet Live

Prop bets are a class of betting on events other than the final result of the match. Prop bets in fact are even more fun when played live. An example of a prop bet is, who’s the player who will score the first goal, which team will be turning the player on and so forth.

There are many options for you to change or place bets on prop bets. Page bookie will update the probability and close the bet if an event occurs.

For example, you place a prop bet that Mohamed Salah scored the first goal for Liverpool. But in the first 15 minutes, he got less of the ball and both teams have not scored any goals. You may want to convert your bets on the other players a lot more to get the ball before the first goal was scored.

Betting Parlays Live

Betting Parlay involves a combination of several bets at once. Gamblers should win all of the bets to get a victory. In live betting, gamblers are given the opportunity to continue to transform any bet in the set Parlay them. This is done to improve the chances of victory for the entire set of Parlay.

Sports betting live also gives you a chance for gamblers to convert betting single on the Parlay bet if they want to. This can be done by adding the number of bets made while an event is ongoing.

Gamblers are fond of making a Parlay bet in live because it gives them the opportunity to get a clearer picture of what they risked.

What Are The Advantages Of Betting Live?

Live betting gives more space to gamblers to determine their fate. Therefore, live betting is considered to add a new aspect of the world of gambling. As a gambler, you can enjoy the following advantages during the live bets:

The Probability Of A Better

When determining the probability for common bets, the bookmaker much depends on the forecast. This prediction can be made by a group of expert sports such as, or by a computer program that is complicated. However, the two systems this forecast is no room for error.

In live betting, the probability can still be changed based on the events and stunts in the sports events. The probability will take into account the current performance of the team or athlete and adjust the probability according to the current development.

The Opportunity To Do Strategy

In live betting, you can still save any bets that you think are not profitable, by doing strategy hedge bets. Any hedging that you do can still be successful in betting live as long as a sporting event is not yet over.

Strategy hedging that you can do will increase with the change of the probability of that is happening, especially when there are sporting events that take place at the same time or event but in the pages of sports betting other.

An overview of the Performance and the Action More Clearly

You may make a bet pre-bet on a team because of the believe that the major players will be in action with a perfect on the next game. But, when the game starts, the main player was injured in a few minutes after start.

Betting in pre-bet familiar, you may fear will lose money betting because of the chance of the victory of the team of your choice is now plunged. But, with live betting, you are no longer trapped. Now you can change your bet on the probability of the other, or the other team, or impose a strategy of hedging to reduce the chance of defeat.

More Opportunities Track Betting Worth

When the probability of on a changes, you have the opportunity brighter to find value bets. Bet worth may be available on other sites, so you can monitor multiple sites at once to choose a site that offers the probability that is closest to your target.

The Pleasure Double

Experience monitoring and changing your sports bets during a game being held there instead. Of course, you are a more desired experience where you can feel the palpitations and the entertainment of an event of sports direct. Furthermore, the bet of your own depends on the results of the event.

Guide and Tips For Doing Betting Live

To experience betting live a good and perfect, you have to follow some guide on how to start betting. This is to prevent your loss is too great, as well as increase your winnings in the best way.

Start By Making A Bet Pre-Game

During a match that lasts, you may not have time to watch the match while making a bet, especially if you make several bets at once. Therefore, you should start to make all the bets before the match starts. As the match progresses, you can make the necessary changes and instead of hunched register and make all the bets should be. You will be too busy following the match, so if you make all the bets before the game starts, you only need to make a little change in the short-term bets live.

Follow Live Matches

You are advised to follow the matches live while making bets live. This is because if you watch the matches live, you can see fully all the action happening. This is important for you to make the betting decision more accurate.

Don’t make a betting decision by seeing the changes in the probability on the main board only. You should know what actually happened to cause the probability of change.

Don’t Do Abrupt Changes

The current live betting occurs, and you could easily get carried away with the emotion during. This can cause you to make hasty decisions. Therefore, you must discipline yourself and make a decision after consideration of the sensible. Don’t make abrupt changes to the original bet and only make changes that are rational only.

Get To Know The User Interface Betting Sites

Period of time to make bets during the event is very short and limited. Therefore, you should adapt to the user interface as much as possible before the sporting event you are betting start.

For example, you need to know how to change the bet existing, how to make prop bets now and so on. You have no time to be lost during the live betting and no time to learn the ways of your use the site at the last minute.

Betting Live The Experience Of Modern Assisted Technology

As we know, sports betting live indeed would not exist without the availability of information technology. It is a member of a new dimension to sports betting folk that has never existed before.

Therefore, as a gambler, you should experience the ins and outs of betting live with yourself. That’s the only thing that can give you an accurate picture of this bet other than the other.


Other sports that get attention from Indian gamblers include Squash. This is because India has a sports figure who is a squash player, namely Datuk Nicol David. Because of his services, many locals began to follow and enjoy squash. Many also want to experience this sport in another form, namely through betting.

Other Sports Available

In fact, there are hundreds of types of sports that you can bet on online. If you are looking for something of that sport, of course, there are online casinos that offer it. Among the sports, you can find include netball, cricket, car racing, motorcycle racing, Muay Thai, MMA and sepak takraw.

Types of Probability In Betting

When you start betting on your favorite sport, you will find many types of odd numbers listed next to the name of the team or athlete where you want to place the bet. This is known as probability. Probability or ‘Odds’ reveals the bookie’s prediction about a party’s ability to win. There are several ways probabilities are expressed:

Fractional Probability

The probability of a split comes from the UK and Britain. As the name suggests, probabilities are expressed in the form of mathematical fractions. The calculation method to determine the amount you will win is actually simple. Suppose the scoring for a Tottenham Hotspurs win is 10/12, referred to as 10 to 12, you will profit (10/12 x the bet amount) and get your betting capital back. If you bet RM100, and you win, you will get (10/12 x RM100) + RM100 = RM183.33. Usually, teams and athletes with a high probability of winning will get a lower fraction and vice versa.

Decimal Probability

In this system, probabilities are expressed in a decimal form such as 2.2, 1.5, 3.4 and so on. This decimal value represents the total amount of your winnings including the capital you will win well. Therefore the decimal probability is always worth more than 1.0. The system is very popular in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The calculation involves multiplying your bet amount by a decimal value.

Moneyline -Shaped Probability

The Moneyline probability is also known as the American probability. The system is a bit complicated as it involves positive and negative signs along with three-digit numbers. The three-digit number represents the value you have to bet to win RM100 while a positive sign is given to the team/athlete who is less likely to win and a negative sign is given to the team that is more likely to win.

As a gambler, it is very important to understand the probability system so that you can make the right decision about which side you will bet on and also evaluate which bets can benefit you.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is also known as live betting, in-match betting or in-play betting. Basically, this type of betting runs after a match has started.

With the advent of internet technology nowadays, bookie sites offer an option where you can change your bets at any time before a match is over. This is different from the situation in the old days when you could only bet once before the match started and then just wait for the result.

In addition to betting on the final result of a sporting event, you can also bet on certain events in the event, such as whether a football player scores a goal or a result in the middle of a match.

The advantage of live betting is that you can maximize your chances and ways of winning. This is a freedom not available in regular sports betting, i.e. you can change the results of your initial bet, or even make a new bet.

Gamblers will also feel more fun when they can bet on unexpected events. For example, if a football match ends with a draw and overtime is already over. As a gambler, you can now bet on the results of the penalty shootout section.

What is a Betting Exchange?

Betting exchange or betting exchange is a platform where gamblers can bet on each other. This track has no bookie, and all gamblers can offer probabilities or even ask for probabilities from other gamblers.

There are two types of bets on the Betting Exchange, namely ‘lay’ bets and ‘backing’ bets. A ‘lay’ bet is where the gambler offers a probability of an event in a sporting event, say Manchester United will win the English Premier League at a probability of 10/4. If you support this probability, you can bet ‘lay’ and if you want to bet against this probability, you can bet ‘back’.

The betting exchange has no risk and is a more independent system without the presence of a bookie who wants to make a profit. It is a place where gamblers can directly bet against each other for a small win.

Advantages of Betting Exchange

This betting exchange offers a variety of benefits. First, gamblers have many probability options. In a regular betting bookie, a match has a fixed probability for each team or athlete involved in the match/race. But in a betting exchange, there is no limit to the number of probabilities that can exist for one party in any sporting event. So a team or athlete can have thousands of probabilities and you can make a backing or lay bet for any probability you want.

Second, the betting exchange offers more freedom for gamblers who do not need to be much controlled by the bookie with strict rules and conditions. As a gambler, you can make as many bets as you want for an unlimited sporting event as well.

Disadvantages of Betting Exchange

Since the betting exchange does not work like a regular sports betting site, there may be gamblers who have not adapted to it. Overall, betting exchanges may not offer wins as high as conventional sports betting sites because you are betting against other gamblers rather than bookies.

Also, because it is not controlled by a regular bookie, you may not be able to find your favorite sporting event or athlete, unless you yourself start a ‘lay’ bet for it.

Lastly, if you place a ‘lay’ bet and need the gambler to make a ‘backing’ bet for you to win something. However, there is no guarantee that there will be other gamblers willing to bet against you.

A betting exchange is an ‘open market’ where everyone is free to interact to have fun in under certain rules. Among the popular betting exchange sites are Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook.

How to Start Making Sports Betting

If you are a new gambler interested in starting your sports betting experience, you may want to know how to get started. Of course, there is a lot of information that you need to study and research first before anything. Some of the steps you can follow are as follows:

Understand the betting probability system

As mentioned before, you need to understand the number system used in each site to determine probabilities. This is so that you can calculate the amount of money you can get if you win and how much you lose if you don’t. In addition, it will also help you identify value bets.

How to make a bet?

For modern-day gamblers, the easiest and simplest place to place a bet is on online sports betting sites. To get started, you need to fill out a registration form for the site of your choice. After that, you must make the first deposit using the channels offered. Once the first deposit is made, and any bonuses you want have already been claimed, you can start betting on the sport of your choice.

How to choose a suitable sports betting site?

Choosing a good betting site can affect your betting experience. If you choose the wrong betting site, you will probably go through a bitter experience. One of the first things you need to consider is whether the site is licensed or not. The site needs to have a valid license to operate as this can determine your security. In addition, you also need to see what payment channels are available, the bonuses available and the sports you can bet on.

Tips and strategies to win

The most important strategy for new gamblers is to focus on only one type of sport when you start. Choose a sport that you have been following for the longest time and are very familiar with the team or athlete involved. In addition, you also need to familiarize yourself with strategies such as spread betting, value bets and hedge betting.

Sports Betting Bonus

All sports betting sites will definitely offer bonuses and special promotions to attract new gamblers and retain old gamblers. You as a customer can take advantage of these bonuses to earn extra money to reap more winnings.

Welcome Bonus – This bonus is offered to gamblers who have just registered for a sports betting site and is usually claimed when making the first deposit.

No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is the rarest but most profitable because it does not require you to make any financial deposit or place a bet to get it. No deposit bonus can be given to new and old gamblers.

Special Promotional Bonus – Sometimes betting sites will offer special promotions to celebrate a celebration or anniversary on the site. There are also bonuses held to promote a particular sport or sporting season.

Periodic Bonuses – Bonuses like these are offered every week or every specific day. However, these periodic bonuses mostly have a usage time limit so you must meet the rollover requirements before claiming the next periodic bonus.

Free Bets – Bonuses like these are known as free bets and often require you to make a deposit or place a bet with real money to claim it.

VIP Bonuses – Most sports betting sites offer a VIP program where you can enjoy additional bonuses and promotions the more you bet.

Free Sports Betting Tips and Predictions

We also provide tips and predictions of the results of the sporting event of your choice. In addition to sports betting site reviews and betting guides, we also offer predictions and tips for the latest sporting events.

Among the sports you can enjoy his predictions are tennis, football, basketball, MMA, boxing and more. Our predictions and tips cover information such as which side is expected to win, probabilities, backgrounds of all teams or athletes, history of their clashes and more.

Our predictions and tips are written by experienced bettors who are also successful bettors. You will get useful predictions which are a great guide when making your betting decisions later.

Best of all, our predictions and tips are provided for free so you can read comprehensive results predictions, view statistics of various events and get descriptions from experienced bettors here.

Trusted Sports Betting Sites

When you choose which betting site you want to bet on, the safety factor is very important. This is to ensure that your personal and financial information is fully protected from irresponsible parties. Among the security aspects that you need to look at are:

Presence of license – License must be granted by a trusted and recognized government or accredited body. A licensed site proves that the site owner is committed to ensuring that they act fairly and follow the law.

Security policy – Each betting site will of course provide a section that states its security policy, namely the security of personal information as well as the encryption of all financial processes. You are encouraged to read and understand the security policy of a site to feel more confident to bet on that site.

Site reviews – In addition to reviewing a betting site to determine if it is trustworthy, you can also find reviews about the site on the internet. The opinions of other gamblers and their experience on a site become an important yardstick for you to decide whether a site is trustworthy or not. We also provide useful reviews for you, and you can find out how we honestly review betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site

There are thousands of sports betting sites on the internet today. How to determine if a site is right for you? All sites have their own advantages and disadvantages and no single site is perfect. So, there are a few things you need to consider first.

Trusted sites – Sites that are licensed and passed reviews by other gamblers are a priority.

Sites with customer support – Efficient customer support is very important to your experience because you most likely don’t understand something or run into certain problems when actually starting a bet. You need a platform where you can communicate effectively and get a response in the shortest amount of time.

Payment and withdrawal channels – Identifying payment and withdrawal channels is important so that you can choose the most convenient channel for you to use.

Types of sports available – This is a must-see factor. This is because you need to make sure that a site covers sports and teams that you know and know.

Types of bonuses offered – A betting site that is generous and offers lots of bonuses for you is a wise choice for the long term.

Probabilities and lines offered – A good betting site will offer realistic probabilities and a variety of interesting lines.

Mobile Sports Betting

With the availability of mobile phones nowadays, you no longer have to walk far to place sports bets in a building rented by a bookie. Nowadays, there are online sports betting services as well as mobile phones.

All online sports betting sites can be accessed on your mobile phone. This simplifies you and allows you to bet wherever you are. It also gives you more privacy because it doesn’t have to be done on a computer that might be viewed or shared with others. A mobile phone is a piece of equipment that is a personal item.

There are sites that offer a version of the app. However, if that is not provided, you can still access the betting site from an internet browser or browser application.

Towards the Best Sports Betting Experience

Sports betting is an activity that is actually easy to do and follow. You just have to train yourself and try various strategies to improve your chances and instincts to find a chance of victory. Also, keep in mind our advice to choose the best betting site for yourself. We provide reviews of the best betting sites in the world in a transparent and comprehensive form so that you can be more knowledgeable and can make decisions more easily.


What is live betting or live betting?

In live betting, you can make or mengubanh betting during sports matches that take place in real-time.

Where can I place live bets?

You can make live betting on sports betting online.

How are the probabilities in live betting determined?

It’s done through computer programming based on the information provided by the staff at the site the bookie that takes into account all possibilities in a match.

Can I place live bets after the match starts?

Yes, you are allowed to do so but time is limited.

What are the benefits of live betting?

You can change your original bet based on the events and the team’s performance in a sport event.