As experts at Asian Bookies, we understand the importance of choosing the right sportsbook or betting site when it comes to enjoying your gambling experience. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which ones are reliable, secure, and offer the best value. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing comprehensive reviews and ratings of Asian sportsbooks and betting sites, so you can make informed decisions when placing your bets. In this article, we will discuss the criteria we prioritize when evaluating and ranking these platforms and why each factor is essential for selecting the best online betting sites.

Criteria for Evaluating Asian Sportsbooks and Betting Sites

We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about Asian betting sites and Asian sportsbooks. To achieve this, we collect data from various sources, including bookmakers’ and sportsbooks’ websites, media outlets, and other analytical sources. We thoroughly research each platform to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of their offerings and performance.

Moreover, we pay special attention to user feedback about the bookmaker or sportsbook online. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality of a platform’s services and help us identify any potential issues or areas of improvement. By incorporating user feedback into our evaluations, we can offer a more accurate and reliable assessment of each betting site.

By combining these various sources of information, we at Asian Bookies can provide a well-rounded and informed perspective on the best Asian sportsbooks and betting sites available. Trust our expert reviews and ratings to help you make the right choice for your online betting needs!

1. High Betting Odds and Low Odds Margin

One of the main reasons bettors choose Asian sportsbooks is because of their high odds and low odds margin. High betting odds mean higher potential payouts, while low odds margins indicate that the bookmaker takes a smaller cut, giving bettors a better chance of winning. These factors are essential for bettors looking to maximize their profits when placing bets. We prioritize betting sites that consistently offer high odds and low margins to provide the best value to our users.

2. Additional Betting Types

Asian sportsbooks and bookmakers are known for offering a wide range of betting types, including popular options like Asian Handicap. This betting type allows bettors to level the playing field by giving an advantage or disadvantage to a particular team or player. The availability of these additional betting options gives bettors more ways to enjoy their gambling experience and increases the appeal of Asian bookmakers. We prioritize betting sites that offer a diverse range of betting options to cater to different preferences and strategies.

3. Payout Percentage

The payout percentage refers to the proportion of winnings paid out to players by the sportsbook. A higher payout percentage indicates that the bookmaker returns more money to bettors, while a lower percentage suggests the opposite. It is crucial to compare payout percentages among Asian sportsbooks to ensure you get the best value for your bets. We take this factor into account when rating and ranking Asian betting sites, so our users can maximize their profits.

4. Loyalty Programs and VIP Status

Many high roller players look for sportsbooks that offer generous loyalty programs and VIP status. These benefits can include increased deposit, betting, and withdrawal limits, as well as higher reload or cashback bonuses. These advantages can be significant for bettors who play for large sums, as they can significantly improve their overall gambling experience. We prioritize betting sites that cater to high rollers and offer attractive loyalty programs and VIP perks.

5. eSports Betting

eSports betting is increasingly popular in many Asian countries, with millions of fans following games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Asian sportsbooks that cater to eSports enthusiasts by offering a wide range of markets, competitive odds, and live streaming options are more likely to attract and retain bettors interested in this growing industry. We prioritize sportsbooks and betting sites that excel in their eSports betting offerings.

6. Local Asian Sports Leagues and Events

One aspect that sets Asian bookmakers apart from their non-Asian counterparts is their focus on local Asian sports leagues and events. This includes popular sports like football and basketball with local Asian leagues (AFC, PBA and others), cricket, kabaddi, and badminton, as well as more niche offerings like sepak takraw and muay thai. Offering betting markets on these local sports allows bettors to engage with their favorite games and support their home teams, making for a more enjoyable betting experience. We prioritize sportsbooks that cover a wide range of local Asian sports leagues and events.

7. Unique Asian Gambling Divisions

Asian betting sites often offer unique gambling options that are not typically found on non-Asian platforms. These can include e-Sabong (online cockfighting), Asian slot fishing games, and Magnum or 4D online lotteries. The availability of these unique divisions provides a diverse and culturally relevant betting experience for Asian bettors, setting these bookmakers apart from the competition. We consider the presence of these unique Asian gambling divisions when rating and ranking Asian sportsbooks and betting sites.

8. Accessibility in Specific Asian Countries

Many Asian countries have strict gambling laws that ban or heavily regulate online betting. Some European bookmakers may not accept bettors from these restricted regions, making it challenging for Asian players to find reliable betting platforms. However, some Asian bookmakers cater to players from these countries despite the bans, offering them a safe and accessible way to enjoy online betting. We prioritize sportsbooks that are accessible in a variety of Asian countries, taking into account regional restrictions and regulations.

9. Safety and Security at Online Bookmakers

A critical factor in choosing an online betting site is ensuring the platform’s safety and security. Players need to know that their personal and financial information is protected from potential cyber threats. We carefully evaluate the security measures employed by Asian bookmakers, such as SSL encryption, secure payment processing, and strict privacy policies. In addition, we look for sports bookmakers that have valid gaming licenses from reputable regulatory bodies, which ensures a fair and safe betting environment. We pay special attention to those betting sites which have local Asian licenses like PAGCOR and POGO, CGRA, GRA and others. Of course, we consider websites without local licenses, but licensed websites have advantages in our ratings. Read more about Asian gambling licenses in the blog:

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10. Local Asian and Global Payment Methods

Offering a variety of local Asian and global payment methods is essential for a top-rated sportsbook. This allows bettors from different regions to deposit and withdraw funds with ease, using their preferred payment options. We assess the payment methods available at Asian betting sites, prioritizing those that offer popular and convenient options like e-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfers, as well as region-specific payment methods like bKash, Gcash, DoItNow, Alipay, WeChat Pay, or PayTM.

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11. Valuable Betting Bonus Offers

Betting bonus offers can greatly enhance a player’s betting experience, providing additional funds or free bets to maximize their potential winnings. We evaluate the value of bonus offers available at Asian sportsbooks, considering factors like wagering requirements, minimum deposit amounts, and maximum bonus limits. We prioritize bookmakers that offer generous and fair bonuses to both new and existing players.

12. Comprehensive Live Betting Platform

Live betting has become increasingly popular among sports bettors, as it allows them to place bets on events as they unfold in real-time. A comprehensive live betting platform should offer a wide range of betting markets, up-to-date odds, and live streaming capabilities to enhance the user experience. We evaluate the quality of the live betting platform offered by Asian sportsbooks, prioritizing those that provide an immersive and user-friendly experience.

13. Availability of a Wide Range of Sports Markets

A diverse selection of sports markets is essential for an engaging betting experience. We assess the variety of sports markets offered by Asian betting sites, looking for platforms that cover a wide range of popular global sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, as well as local Asian sports. We prioritize sportsbooks that provide ample betting opportunities for users, catering to a broad range of preferences and interests.

By considering these additional factors when choosing an online betting site, you can further enhance your gambling experience and find the perfect platform for your needs. Remember to visit Asian Bookies to read our expert reviews and ratings, and let us help you find the best Asian sportsbooks and betting sites for you!

Recommendations for Users

When evaluating Asian sportsbooks and betting sites on your own, it’s crucial to consider the factors we’ve outlined above. Here are some recommendations for users when selecting an online betting platform:

  • Look for competitive odds and low margins to ensure you get the best value from your bets.
  • Prioritize platforms with a wide range of betting types, especially those popular in Asian markets.
  • Compare payout percentages among different sportsbooks to maximize your profits.
  • Consider loyalty programs and VIP benefits if you are a high roller or plan to bet significant amounts.
  • If you’re interested in eSports, seek out platforms with extensive eSports betting options.
  • Look for sportsbooks that cover local Asian sports leagues and events to engage with your favorite games.
  • Keep an eye out for unique Asian gambling divisions that can provide a diverse and culturally relevant betting experience.
  • Ensure the sportsbook you choose is accessible in your specific Asian country despite any legal restrictions.

By considering these factors when selecting an online betting site, you can make informed decisions and enhance your overall gambling experience. Remember to check our reviews at, where we provide in-depth analyses of the best Asian sportsbooks and betting sites.

At Asian Bookies, we believe that user input is invaluable in helping us create a comprehensive and accurate resource for bettors. That’s why we encourage our users to leave their own reviews and comments about bookmakers on our website. By sharing their personal experiences, our users can contribute valuable insights that can help others make informed decisions when choosing a betting site.

If you come across any inaccuracies or have additional information that you think would be helpful to other bettors, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected]. We take user feedback seriously and appreciate your contribution to making our website the best possible resource for Asian sportsbooks and betting sites.

With your help, we can continue to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about the best Asian bookmakers and sportsbooks available. Together, we can make the online betting experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Ready to find the best Asian sportsbooks and betting sites? Trust our ratings and let us help you find the perfect platform for your betting needs in Asia!

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