Legality of Gambling in Singapore 

Is gambling legal in Singapore? Yes, it is. But like all things, there are rules and regulations. The data showcases that the casino market, in particular, has two dominant players: Marina Bay Sands and Genting Resorts World. These establishments contribute substantially to Singapore’s gambling revenues.

Diving deeper, when discussing legality, laws, markets, and opportunities of gambling in Singapore, it is essential to consider both offline and online platforms. The popularity of gambling in Singapore is undeniable. For instance, from 2010 to 2019, there was a consistent rise in international visitors to the Indian gambling market, indicating its growing appeal.

Singapore maintains a clear stance on the activities it permits. The law distinguishes between various gambling activities, laying down regulations for each. Land-based casinos like Genting Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands are thriving. As of recent data, Genting Resorts World had a gaming revenue of 371.7 by 22Q3. This dominance in gaming revenue highlights the major pull casinos have for both locals and tourists. However, while offline gambling has its established giants, online gambling in Singapore is growing and operates under a stricter regulatory framework, emphasizing the importance of adherence to laws and policies.

Singapore’s gambling landscape is a blend of robust market players, evolving regulations, and a steady stream of enthusiastic participants. While challenges do arise, as evidenced by the pandemic’s impacts, the resilience and adaptability of the industry make it a noteworthy component of Singapore’s economic and entertainment sectors.

Gambling Laws in Singapore

Singapore stands as one of the most sought-after destinations for avid gamblers and tourists alike. However, behind its glamorous casinos and online platforms lies a stringent set of regulations and laws ensuring the safety and legality of all gambling activities. Singapore gambling laws have been designed meticulously to cater to both providers and consumers, making sure that the experience remains enjoyable yet within the confines of legal boundaries.

Singapore’s legal landscape in terms of gambling is a complex interplay of rules, acts, amendments, and governing bodies. As the nation seeks to tap into the lucrative potential of this industry, it also places significant emphasis on safeguarding its residents and maintaining public order.

Gambling Laws in Singapore

Who grants gambling licences in Singapore?

In Singapore, the primary authority responsible for the issuance of gambling licenses is the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA). Established in 2008, this body oversees the operations of land-based casinos, ensuring they comply with the Casino Control Act. For online gambling in Singapore, the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) was introduced in 2014, which caters specifically to Singapore online gambling law. Licenses for such platforms are provided under the purview of the RGA, ensuring that online operators adhere to strict guidelines and offer secure environments for players.

How strictly regulated is Gambling in Singapore?

Gambling Singapore has always been under tight surveillance. The government ensures strict adherence to the set laws through regular monitoring and inspection. Both land-based casinos and online platforms are bound by a series of operational, social, and financial criteria that they must meet. For instance, operators are mandated to have measures against money laundering and to ensure the welfare of their patrons by having protocols against problem gambling.

Legal entities found guilty of contravening the gambling laws can face severe consequences. For instance, under the RGA, operators offering unlicensed online gambling services can be fined up to SGD 500,000. Moreover, advertising or promoting unauthorized remote gambling services can also lead to similar hefty fines. Land-based casinos, on the other hand, face different sets of penalties, including revocation of licenses or monetary penalties based on the Casino Control Act.

What are the penalties for ordinary users as individuals who violate laws of Gambling in Singapore?

For individuals, the penalties are just as stringent. Engaging in unauthorized online gambling in Singapore can lead to a fine of up to SGD 5,000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months or both. Similarly, those found accessing remote gambling services, even if they are based outside Singapore, can face legal consequences under the RGA.

Amidst the urban sprawl and modern sophistication, Singapore boasts an intriguing gambling landscape. The allure of betting—online and offline—is undeniable, accounting for a sizeable chunk of the nation’s gambling revenue.


Betting is not just about the thrill of the game but also an entrenched part of the cultural and recreational tapestry in Singapore. As evidenced by the data, the island nation’s residents spent over SGD 7 billion in gambling activities in 2022, a significant portion of which can be attributed to betting.


The digital age has spurred the proliferation of online betting in Singapore. The recent figures indicate that about SGD 600 million was wagered online in 2022. Regulated by the Remote Gambling Act, only licensed operators can extend their services to the masses. The dominant force in online betting remains football, especially leagues like the English Premier League, where SGD 320 million was staked just last year. The trends also suggest a rising interest in Tennis and eSports, with these segments witnessing an annual growth rate of 7% and 15%, respectively.


Traditional betting has its unique charm, and Singaporeans resonate with this sentiment. Outlets such as Singapore Pools remain bustling, accounting for a staggering SGD 2.5 billion in offline bets in 2022. While football commands the lion’s share of attention, horse racing, especially at the Singapore Turf Club, saw bets worth SGD 800 million in the past year. The experience of offline betting, with its tangible interactions, continues to attract a considerable number of enthusiasts.

The numbers reinforce the narrative—betting, whether carried out on digital platforms or at physical outlets, has cemented its place in Singapore’s gambling culture. The robust figures from 2022 further underline the sector’s potential growth and evolution.

Casino Games

Singapore, known for its grandeur and opulence, is home to some of the world’s most iconic casinos. These establishments offer a myriad of gambling experiences, resonating with both locals and tourists alike. The Singapore gambling industry reported a whopping SGD 4.5 billion from casino games in 2022, showcasing its significant contribution to the country’s entertainment sector.

Popular table games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat dominate the casino floors, with Roulette witnessing a surge in recent years. Slot machines too have maintained a steadfast following, accounting for SGD 1.8 billion in revenue. Their digital counterparts in online casinos have seen an impressive uptick, garnering SGD 900 million in 2022. Notably, live dealer games, a blend of online and traditional casino experiences, have been instrumental in bridging the gap between traditionalists and the digital-savvy generation.

Casino Games in Singapore

Online Lotteries

Lotteries have long held the imagination of the masses, and Singapore is no exception. Their transition to the digital realm, as evident in Singapore gambling trends, has been seamless. Online lotteries amassed an impressive SGD 650 million in 2022, a figure that underscores their immense popularity. TOTO and 4D, two of Singapore’s most loved lottery games, contribute massively to this figure, with their online versions resonating strongly among younger audiences.

However, it’s vital to mention the presence of ‘grey markets’ that operate outside the purview of the official regulatory framework. These platforms, while offering similar experiences, don’t guarantee the same level of security and fairness as licensed operators.

What are the options for those who do want to try entertainment of Gambling in Singapore?

For avid gamblers, Singapore offers a variety of experiences that can quench the thirst for thrill and adventure. The two licensed land-based casinos, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, have been leading the charge, raking in SGD 4.5 billion in 2022. Here, aficionados can immerse themselves in traditional table games or the more modern slot machines, all within an environment of unmatched luxury and grandeur.

Simultaneously, the digital age has paved the way for online alternatives. Singapore betting sites have emerged as formidable contenders, offering a plethora of choices for gamblers. For instance, online lotteries, with favorites like TOTO and 4D, witnessed a substantial SGD 650 million in revenue in 2022. However, players should exercise caution. While some sites operate within the legal framework, many others belong to the ‘grey market’ or are offshore platforms. These can offer an array of games often not found in local licensed settings, yet they come without the same security guarantees.

Singapore online casino platforms have also been gaining traction. With their live dealer games and a myriad of digital slots, they amassed around SGD 900 million in 2022. For many, the lure of gambling online in Singapore, especially in such platforms, is the convenience they offer – anytime, anywhere play, often accompanied by enticing bonuses.

A reminder of responsibility

While the allure of the glitz and glamour of the gambling world is undeniable, it is paramount for players to tread with caution. Every individual must remember that they are solely responsible for their actions, and indulging in gambling, especially if done on platforms that aren’t strictly within the purview of Singaporean laws, can lead to repercussions.

Moreover, gambling isn’t just about the thrill of the game; it can have serious implications. It’s essential to recognize and accept when it stops being just fun and starts becoming an obsession.

Where can I find help in Singapore if I have a gambling addiction?

For those who feel they might be treading the thin line between occasional gambling and addiction, Singapore has robust support systems in place. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is a notable local organization offering help to individuals facing gambling issues. Additionally, global organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous have chapters in Singapore, extending their support to those in need. Early intervention can make a world of difference, ensuring that the excitement of the game doesn’t overshadow the importance of well-being and mental health.

TL:DR – Gambling in Singapore: A Snapshot

  1. Regulatory Landscape: Singapore maintains a stringent regulatory framework for gambling, where operators have to adhere to the Casino Control Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act. With only two officially licensed land-based casinos, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, the nation ensures a controlled gambling environment.
  2. Economic Contributions: In 2022, the gambling sector flourished, with land-based casinos alone contributing SGD 4.5 billion in revenue. Simultaneously, online lotteries like TOTO and 4D, played an important role, amassing SGD 650 million.
  3. Online Terrain: While gambling online in Singapore has seen an uptick, with online casinos accruing SGD 900 million in 2022, players are cautioned. Numerous online platforms reside in the ‘grey market’ or are offshore, potentially lacking the security assurances of local, licensed setups.
  4. Betting Culture: Betting, both online and offline, forms an integral part of Singapore’s gambling culture. Horse racing and football remain favorites, with the English Premier League being especially popular among Singaporeans.
  5. Casino Games & Lotteries: Beyond betting, Singaporeans have shown an inclination towards casino games. From traditional table games to digital slots, the demand is substantial. Online lotteries, primarily TOTO and 4D, are also prevalent and highly sought after.
  6. Proceed with Caution: Despite the allure, players are reminded of their responsibility. Delving into platforms that may not adhere strictly to Singaporean laws can have consequences. Plus, the risk of gambling evolving from a pastime to an addiction is ever-present.
  7. Support Systems: For those teetering on the edge of addiction, Singapore offers support. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and global entities like Gamblers Anonymous are available to provide assistance and guidance.


Navigating the multifaceted realm of gambling in Singapore requires an understanding of its well-regulated landscape. From the strict legal frameworks governing casino operations to the burgeoning online gambling sphere, Singapore offers a blend of traditional and digital gambling avenues. While the nation’s commitment to safeguarding the integrity of its gambling environment is commendable, the array of choices, both licensed and in the ‘grey market’, means players must exercise caution. Nevertheless, with substantial economic contributions from the sector and mechanisms in place to assist those facing addiction, Singapore’s approach to gambling strikes a balance between entertainment and responsibility. For those intrigued by the allure of chance, the city-state’s vibrant gambling scene provides a plethora of opportunities, governed by a backdrop of order and regulation.


Is Online Gambling legal in Singapore?

Online gambling in Singapore is predominantly illegal unless under operators like Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club. It’s crucial to verify the platform’s legality before engaging.

Which laws and acts regulated Gambling in Singapore?

The primary laws governing gambling in Singapore are the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) and the Common Gaming Houses Act, which oversee both online and offline gambling activities.

What are the penalties for Gambling in Singapore?

Individuals found participating in unauthorized gambling can face fines up to $5,000, imprisonment of up to 6 months, or both. Operators face stricter penalties.

Are there any penalties for using offshore sites for Gambling in Singapore?

Yes, using offshore sites for gambling purposes also falls under the RGA, with individuals facing potential fines and jail terms.

Is it safe to use cryptocurrencies for Gambling in Singapore?

While cryptocurrencies are gaining traction globally, Singaporean laws around gambling remain strict. Engaging in crypto-based gambling isn’t explicitly addressed but may fall under general gambling regulations.

What local services are available to help people with addiction of Gambling in Singapore?

Singapore offers various local services, like the National Council on Problem Gambling, providing resources and helplines for those struggling with gambling addiction.

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