Best Bonuses and Offers from Bookmakers

Today, there are various online sports betting sites. All the best sports betting sites offer different bonuses and promotions. As a gambler who is interested in sports betting, it is important to know how to use and make the most of this bonus.

When you start betting on any online sports betting site, you will of course receive a bonus. This bonus will ensure you get more money to bet on your favorite sports. You will earn cash just by signing up as a new gambler. Once you get the cash bonus, you can double your winnings by making more bets. This is the best chance to win more, especially if you are new to the world of sports betting.

Sports betting does not have a free version or trial round, not a casino type of game. Thus, bonuses allow you to hone your talents and skills in sports betting using extra cash.

For this reason, we have produced the following guide, which describes the various types of betting bonuses that are offered by Asian bookmakers.

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Welcome Deposit Bonus up to 180%

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Why Do Sports Betting Sites Offer Bonuses?

Trends and patterns of playing sports betting fans continue to change from time to time. Therefore, sports betting sites should always offer an experience that matches the interests of these changing gamblers. As a dynamic gaming field, sports betting sites are always offering marketing campaigns and gimmicks that can attract new and old gamblers alike.

So this is the main reason why all sports betting sites offer bonuses. In addition, bonuses serve as:

  1. One way to attract new gamblers is to play on betting sites.
  2. To stand out from other sports betting sites.
  3. Rewards loyal gamblers so they keep betting on the site.
  4. Provides an opportunity for new gamblers to practice their betting skills with additional odds

Types of Bookmakers Bonuses in Asia

As we know, all sports betting sites offer different types of bonuses. The following are the most widely available betting bonuses, both for new and existing customers.

This bonus can be used by new and old gamblers for various situations. Let’s get acquainted with the types of bonuses on offer today:

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is also known as the first deposit bonus. It usually takes the form of a free deposit percentage up to a specified amount. The welcome bonus is especially useful for newly registered gamblers as it helps them get to know new sports betting sites, including existing betting systems and patterns.

First Deposit or Deposit Bonus

The bonus is not only given for the first deposit, but also for subsequent bonuses. This means that sports betting sites will offer bonuses for the second, third, fourth and so on deposits. Sometimes, there are deposit bonuses for special times or celebrations, and you will be awarded a bonus if you make a set minimum deposit within a certain time.

A popular bonus at sportsbooks is a deposit bonus that is matched 1:1. The bookmaker will double the bettor’s deposit (up to a specific amount) in this simple promotion. For example, you might find a bookmaker that offers a 100% match on your first deposit up to $100.

Payment Channel Bonus

This type of bonus is awarded for one payment channel that a gambling site may promote. If you pay through this promoted channel, with the minimum amount also set, you can claim the bonus under the set conditions.

Free Bets

This bonus is also known as the Free Bet bonus and is a small percentage of your bet that is added to your bet. Usually, the percentage of this bonus is quite small, ranging from 10%-30% of your bet amount, but you are allowed to use it and claim any winnings from this bonus.

This is one of the most widely used betting bonuses available today. All you have to do to qualify is place a qualifying wager at (or over) the minimum stake amount and at odds higher than a specific amount. As an example, if you bet $10, you may get a $10 free bet.

Risk-Free Bets

As the name implies, this is the safest bet you can make. In the event you don’t win, you’ll get your money back! This type of free bet offer frequently caps the amount refunded.   That being said, this is still a decent offer for new customers who may place bets with more confidence knowing that, at the absolute least, they’ll get their money back as a freebet.

No Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is less common. However, it is sometimes offered to attract new gamblers to sports betting sites. This bonus does not require any payment and you have the right to claim it without making any deposit first. Usually, you just need to register a new account to get one.

No deposit bonus offers in Asia allow users to place bets at no cost without having to put money into the sportsbook’s account. Instead, a bettor has the freedom and flexibility to place a wager whenever they want and withdraw their earnings when they like.

Reload Bonuses

This bonus is usually given when you add some money to your account. This addition or top-up is usually done by gamblers who fail to choose a winning team or player, so they want to increase their money from time to time until they get a win. The top-up bonus percentage is usually not as high as the deposit bonus.

A reload bonus is offered if you have previously deposited at the online betting site. Bookmakers do this to encourage you to make another deposit and wager on your preferred sports.

Reload bonuses typically have a lower value than welcome bonuses. However, this is still a fantastic bonus that will allow you to gamble with free money.

Cashback Incentive

This type of cashback bonus is usually offered to more experienced gamblers, especially those involved in the betting site’s VIP program. The concept of cashback is actually very simple. For every amount of money wagered, you will get a percentage back to your bankroll.

Then, you can get back a small portion of your bet to reuse. The longer and more you bet, the higher the percentage of cashback you can earn.

Losing Bonus

Sometimes, these bonuses are also called rescue bonuses. It is awarded to gamblers who have lost a large amount of bet money. The concept is, that you can get a percentage of the lost money and reuse it in your bankroll. The loss percentage that you can recover from is usually quite small and less than 30%.

VIP bonus

Bonuses are offered to members of the VIP program. Usually, you are awarded more bonuses the higher you are in the VIP program.

Friend Referral Bonus

This bonus is given when you refer a friend to the sports betting site you are active on. The percentage of deposits made by your friends will be credited to your account or bankroll. This is a great opportunity to add money to your bankroll for free.

Comp Score Bonus

Some sports betting sites offer a scoring system where you can earn comp points for each currency you bet, whether you win or lose. These comp points can be used to redeem various prizes, including a percentage or amount of bonus money that will be added to your bankroll.

High Probability Bonus

Sometimes, bookmakers will increase the odds of the game for you to get a higher bet value. Usually, these increased probabilities are offered for sports like football or even horse racing. These higher probabilities are sometimes accompanied by bonuses as well, in the form of ‘free bets’ or free bets. This is done to attract more gamblers to bet on the increased probabilities.

Seasonal Bonus

These seasonal bonuses are offered to celebrate something big, including Christmas and New Year. In addition, sports betting sites often celebrate important events in the world of sports, including the start of the football season, birthdays of famous teams or players, and so on.

Certain Sports Bonus

At certain times, sports betting sites will try to promote certain sports. One way is to encourage you to bet on sports by offering bonuses. This type of bonus is to entice gamblers to try a new sport that they have never bet on.

Finding the Best Bonus Offers

It can be tough to determine which bookmaker to choose. Users should examine the following factors to find the best bonus offers

  • Check out review sites – Review sites will inform you if a bookmaker offers the best bonuses, follows the regulations, and pays on time.
  • Trust and Payment Security – The first thing to look for in a betting site is a valid license; you must be able to trust it before depositing money and availing of bonus offers.
  • Betting Selection – Choose a site that provides bonus offers on major as well as minor sports leagues so that you can use them and place bets on various events.
  • Customer Support – Choose a betting site that offers assistance and is well versed in answering queries related to betting bonuses.

How to Choose the Right Bonus?

Proper and skillful use of bonuses can increase your winnings. Despite the subtleties, most gamblers believe that all bonuses should be used and claimed. However, this idea is not accurate and you need to consider a few things before choosing a bonus.

Bonus limit

Usually larger bonuses will be subject to stricter limits and conditions. Among the strict conditions imposed include rollover conditions, time limit conditions, limits on the types of sports that can be bet on and limits on withdrawal of winnings. If you want a bonus that doesn’t have many terms and limitations, choose a lower bonus.

High rollover for hardcore gamblers only

If you are a gambler who is risking large amounts of money all the time, opt for high rollovers with high bonuses. If you are just a gambler who bets low amounts, high rollovers will take a long time to complete, so it is recommended that you choose a bonus that has no rollover or even low rollover.

Low bonuses for novice gamblers

If you are just starting to bet on sports betting sites and you are not sure you want to stay there, choose a low and small bonus. Avoid taking bonuses with rollovers until you are sure you want to continue playing there.

Understand the rollover condition before choosing it

Some rollovers have a probability condition, where if the probability of winning your bet is high and you win, the bet does not count towards the rollover. Some rollovers require you to place a bet over a certain period of time or even make a minimum bet amount. These terms are very important to understand before you agree to claim a bonus with a rollover.

What additional things to consider

Finding the best betting bonus bookmaker all depends on how well you can conduct your research. Check out the following factors before considering a betting site in Asia.


Checking the bookmaker’s safety should come before even thinking about how great the promotions might be. A sportsbook’s legal standing is the single most important safety feature.

The trick is to locate a valid license in the appropriate jurisdiction. Offshore brands don’t need a local license in Asia, but must be licensed by reputable authorities.

Promotional Terms and Conditions

Bettors in Asia, as everywhere else, naturally seek out the largest bonus offers. Consider the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.

As an example, you may obtain a bonus equal to 500% of your first deposit. But if you have to wager the bonus 100X in 7 days, it defeats the purpose. You should look for bonuses that strike the best possible balance.

Payment Methods

Secure transactions require secure payment methods. Although it’s not directly related to promotions, it’s a highly important factor since making a deposit and then placing a wager is usually required to qualify for bonuses and promotions.

Asian Betting Sites Bonus Terms

The terms and conditions of a betting bonus can have a significant impact on how you bet and win. New customers must read the fine print to determine what terms and conditions apply to bonuses and how they might be met.

Wagering Requirements

One of the most frequent terms included with betting bonuses is a set of wagering requirements, which can significantly impact your gameplay. Before you can cash in on any bonus money, you must first wager the amount of your qualifying bet, or the amount of your bonus, a predetermined number of times.

Minimum Odds

Minimum odds are a common requirement tied to a bonus. To meet the conditions, you can place only a limited number of bets. New customers shouldn’t have a hard time meeting the wagering requirements because the minimum odds are usually between 1/1 and 1/3.

Minimum Selection

Similar to the minimum odds, some promotions may also have a minimum selection requirement. If so, you must continue to meet those criteria to be eligible to apply for and receive the bonus.

For instance, if a promotion demands that you make at least three selections in your wager, it indicates that you must make trebles throughout the betting period.

Expiry Date

Many gamblers fail to take the expiration date into account. When compared to online casino bonuses, the validity period for betting sites with welcome bonuses is much shorter. Your bonuses will typically expire between 7 and 14 days after they are issued. The terms and conditions of the promotion will specify when your bonus will expire.

How to Claim the Bonus?

The bonus claim process usually differs according to different sports betting sites. Generally, you must register in full and make a first deposit before you are allowed to claim any bonuses. This can be done by following the following process:

1. Register as a gambler on a sports betting site by selecting the Register link or the like.

2. Fill in the form with all the required personal information.

3. Go to the ‘cashier’ section of the betting site.

4. Before confirming your deposit, you must enter the code to claim the welcome bonus, or any other bonus offer. Sometimes, casino sites will continue to enter this code on your behalf.

5. Make sure you look for promotion or bonus codes which can usually be found in the promotions section of betting sites. They are usually easy to find and can also be seen on the home banner.

6. You have to wait a while for the site to confirm your deposit and usually the bonus will be included once. The waiting period depends on the payment channel you are using and how fast the process is.

Get Promotion In Mobile Version

Of course, you are asking if promotions and bonuses are available on the mobile version of the sports betting site. As we all know, most sports betting sites have a mobile version in the form of an application or site that can be browsed with an internet browser.

You don’t have to worry because of course you can enjoy the same bonuses on mobile with the full website version. There are also sports betting sites that offer special bonuses if you use their app on your phone. The way to claim the bonus is the same as on the website.

How Do Sports Betting Bonuses Work?

In general, sports betting bonuses are also similar to other casino game bonuses. This is because it is offered in various shapes and types. In particular, sports betting bonuses can increase your available cash but come with conditions.

In sports betting, the bonus can only be withdrawn and used after you meet the ‘rollover’ requirements. This rollover requires you to bet a minimum amount of money before you are allowed to withdraw your bonus. This rollover is a condition that many sports betting sites impose on their bonuses, whether they are welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses, or bonuses for experienced players.

To fully master the use of sports betting bonuses, you need to understand the concept of Rollover first. For each bonus, you will be told the percentage of the bonus that you can get. Say 100% bonus with 3x rollover. This means that if you bet RM500, you can get a bonus of RM500 for a total bet of RM1000. However, if there is 3x Rollover say, then you have to bet RM 3000 (RM1000 x 3) to withdraw the 50% bonus which is RM500 free.

Various sports betting sites have additional rollover conditions that they can add to the basic rollover conditions. This includes:

  • The time limit for rollover bet amount. In our previous example, you may have to bet RM3000 within say two months before you can get the RM500 bonus.
  • Probability restrictions may apply, whereby if you bet on a team with a high probability of winning, only a portion of the bet will count towards the rollover.
  • Rollovers are only counted for certain sports, for example, only for tennis, football, and so on. This means, according to the previous example, only the best in the sport of tennis is counted in the amount of RM3000.
  • You are prohibited from withdrawing your winnings within 30 days after claiming this bonus.
  • You are only allowed to claim one bonus at a time and must wait a certain amount of time or place a certain number of bets before being able to claim another bonus. This means you can only have one active bonus at a time.

Different sports betting sites usually have different conditions for rollovers and other bonuses. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions on each site to ensure that you know how to benefit yourself with the bonus, rather than just viewing it as a gift for sheer pleasure.

Conclusion: Sports Betting Bonus In Your Profit

Sports bonuses are gifts that can work in your favor if you know the basics and know how to use them. In addition, it is important to understand the conditions that must be met to claim a bonus, especially the concept of a rollover. In addition, it is recommended that you use the bonus as much as possible to enrich your bankroll or the amount of money in your betting account.

FAQ about Bookmakers Bonuses

What are the bonuses for new gamblers?

New gamblers are usually offered a welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus.

How do I claim the bonus I want?

You have to be a registered gambler first. When you make a deposit, be sure to enter the promotional code before or during the deposit making process. The deposit will go to your account along with the bonus money.

Do all sports betting sites offer bonuses?

Yes, all sports betting sites definitely have bonuses to attract gamblers to their sites.

Which online bookmaker bonuses are the best?

It is advisable to refer to the table at the top of the page. We ensure that the top betting bonuses from reputable bookies are included, along with fair terms and conditions.

Is a matched betting bonus worth it?

Yes, it will increase your deposit and your chances of winning. Additionally, the requirements are reasonable, and the minimum deposit is low.

Can I take money out of my welcome deposit bonus?

Yes, if you have finished the required rollover. Depending on the sportsbook, each introductory deposit bonus must be wagered a particular number of times.

What is a rollover for a bonus?

Rollover is a condition where you have to meet the specified minimum bet before you can claim the bonus.

Why do online bookmakers provide bonuses?

To attract new customers to sign up, online bookmakers provide bonuses.

Who is eligible for a betting bonus?

A betting bonus is available to everyone who meets the requirements to register and deposit on a betting site.

How to withdraw the earned bonus?

The bonus can usually only be used for betting and cannot be withdrawn. But you are allowed to withdraw the winnings as a result of the bonus bet.

How often are bonuses offered?

Most sites offer weekly, monthly and seasonal bonuses, in addition to bonuses for new gamblers.